Is Jesse James’ Mistress, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, a leather-clad Doogie Howser?

Just a thought but doesn’t this Jesse James mistress revelation put the whole Janine custody battle in a different light?

from – Jesse James’ self-proclaimed mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee told In Touch magazine she first contacted the “Monster Garage” star via MySpace, and it turns out McGee is indeed quite web savvy.

The tattoo model is featured on a site called, where viewers can pay to see her on a webcam, or chat with her on the Internet.

“I am the hottest busty tattoo and fetish model you will ever meet on a webcam,” her profile reads. “Come have a hot and steamy affair with inked girls like me on live video.”

On the site, McGee claims that she’s currently working on her Masters degree in biochemistry.

Stating that she has a BS in biology, the Internet performer also claims to have completed two years of medical school.

However, she’s listed as 24 years-old on the site, so unless she’s some kind of leather-clad Doogie Howser, that math just doesn’t add up.

Noting that she’s “really wild in the sack” and “looking for the right sugardady” [sic], Michelle, continuing her medical theme, says she especially loves “to have affairs with doctors.”

The inked Internet entrepreneur also mentions her foot fetish and dominatrix work, stating “I mostly wear leather and chains for my video chat customers.”

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