Is The Latest Move By Vivid an Attempt to Stick it in Arrow’s Face?

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LOS ANGELES— It looks like Vivid Entertainment is trying a steal a bit of Arrow Productions’ thunder. Calling it a “tribute” to the late Harry Reems who co-starred in Deep Throat along with Linda Lovelace, Vivid announced that it was giving its online customers a free download of Throat: A Cautionary Tale, the company’s 2009 reimagining of the classic starring Sasha Grey and directed by Paul Thomas.

The fact that Vivid even considered the project didn’t sit too well with Ray Pistol from the beginning. Pistol owns Arrow Productions and Deep Throat. In fact, there was a Showtime reality series about Vivid’s attempts to re-make the film, and, by the contentious show’s end, Pistol was brandishing his shotgun snarling, “You don’t fuck with an old marine.”

Pistol wasn’t play acting for the camera, either. Because in March, 2009 Arrow went to look for a temporary restraining order in an attempt to block Vivid’s distribution of the movie.

However a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied Arrow’s request that would have barred Vivid Entertainment from distributing “Throat.”

Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe rejected an argument by Pistol that Arrow would be damaged irreparably if Vivid released its version of the famous Linda Lovelace film.

Pistol’s attorneys spent a full half hour before judge Yaffe trying to make their case, but Yaffe essentially told Arrow they couldn’t stop the movie from being released.

“I am of course delighted and we are moving forward with release of the movie as scheduled,” said Hirsch at the time. “As is evident from the Showtime series Pistol is a bit hard-headed and tends to make snap decisions without adequate research.”

The last time I spoke to Pistol which was a couple of months ago he said the legal proceedings were still quite active, but this latest move by Hirsch seems to be shoving it directly in his face.

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