Is There a Sex Sting Operation Going on in Las Vegas involving Manwin?

Laugh if you will, but Rob Black is putting out some well thought scenarios that might be going on right now under the adult industry’s very nose.

If Mike South can proffer the idea that Manwin’s owned by Mrs. O’Leary who owned the cow and a bunch of Irish drunks why not Black and his Manwin conspiracy theory of international terrorists?

Black has an idea that Las Vegas Vice might be carrying out a sting operation with its eye on Manwin. Black should know. He was the victim of a sting operation in Pennsylvania.

[This is not too far from the mainstream film script Hot Stuff where a pawn shop operation was conducted.]

“Could they do a sting like setting up a pawn shop?” Black asked on his Internet show Wednesday.

“And instead of collecting stolen evidence they’d be doing an investigation and go for the last year this company [Manwin] has flown in 375 people from all these places. They were flown in and paid for sex. Could they say this is a huge sentencing of mass slave trafficking? I’m being serious. I’m not being an asshole. If I’m wrong call in.

As Black pointed out on his show California and New Hampshire are the only states where porn is legal to shoot. Otherwise it’s considered “pandering.”
Think about this. Manwin seems to shoot absolved in the state of Florida whereas Max Hardcore and others have been tried in that state for obscenity. How does Manwin get a pass?

“Manwin lawyers, if I’m wrong can you call in?” Black asked.

“Am I wrong to think there’s something funny when you’re flying talent and you’re sex trafficking? You’re breaking the law. Hugh Hefner, you’re with a company that sex traffics.

“We don’t. We shoot pornography in a state where it’s legal to. Manwin does not. Manwin is a sex trafficker. When Manwin pays talent to get on an airplane and fly across state lines and Keiran Lee has sex with that girl, Keiran is now a panderer, a prostitute. He’s breaking the law.

“Keiran Lee, every time you have sex in the state of Las Vegas for Manwin you’re breaking the law. But nobody wants to enforce it. Manwin are terrorists. They sex traffic.”

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