Isadore Hall’s Condom Bill Moves Forward; Free Speech Coalition Lies And Does Nothing

Looks like Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s condom bill is moving forward. I don’t wanna say I told you so, but… No, you know what motherfuckers? I DO wanna say I told you so! This bill is going to be the law soon, so you might as well get used to it.

Let’s take a look at the XBIZ article:

“New Calif. Porn-Condom Bill Moves Forward”

“Calif. Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s latest bill to mandate barrier protection for all porn productions shot in the state recently moved forward at the state Capitol.”

“AB 1576 on Friday was referred to two legislative panels — the Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media and the Committee on Labor and Employment — for further action.”
“This is the third time that Hall has attempted to push through mandatory barrier protection; last year, he sponsored two pieces of legislation in unsuccessful bids to mandate condom use in the adult production industry.”

“All of Hall’s bills that seek regulatory intervention in the industry have been denounced by adult entertainment trade group Free Speech Coalition and a majority of stakeholders in the industry.”

“Assemblymember Hall was unable to pass AB 332 and AB 640 by session’s end in 2013,” Duke told XBIZ. “Now he is bringing forth AB 1576.”  

“No matter the bill number, California legislators understand that the industry’s protocols work.  There have been no onset transmission of HIV, nationwide, in 10 years, Los Angeles County sees approximately five new cases of HIV daily.”
“California legislators also understand how detrimental it would be to have adult production leave the state, taking with it thousands of living wage jobs as well as millions in revenues from local businesses who provide services for those productions.”

“Hall, meanwhile, said on Tuesday that he remains steadfast in getting a porn-condom bill passed.”

“The multiple HIV and STI outbreaks within the adult film industry in 2013 along with the three self-imposed filming moratoriums only strengthened the need for a mandatory statewide condom requirement in adult films,” Hall told XBIZ.” 

“AB 1576 has been written to address fiscal concerns raised this past year and I am hopeful that the adult film industry will join me in protecting the health and safety of this industry’s workers.”

Pending approval by the Labor and Employment Committee, Hall’s bill will be referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Then, pending its approval, it will be voted on by the full Assembly.”

“Pending approval by the full Assembly, the bill will be referred to the Senate and go through a similar policy and fiscal review process before a final vote. If approved by both wings of Legislature, the bill would go to the governor’s desk for his veto or signature.”

You know, the only thing I can say about this is there should be a law that Diane Duke and the porn industry and the mouthpieces for it can’t lie. At the end of the day, when Diane Duke lies, it’s just silly. Again, the “no onset transmission of HIV in 10 years” is just bullshit. It’s such bullshit. It’s something that can’t possibly be proven.

Here’s more bullshit:

“California legislators also understand how detrimental it would be to have adult production leave the state, taking with it thousands of living wage jobs as well as millions in revenues from local businesses who provide services for those productions.”


These productions are not leaving the state because there is no place for them to go and I again ask Diane Duke to tell us where these thousands of living wage jobs are. Where are these thousands of living wage jobs? If Diane Duke can provide a list of these thousands of living wage jobs, I would love to see it. But she can’t because Diane Duke is full of shit.

Duke is a sorry excuse for a mouthpiece for this industry. Deals could’ve been struck with the state years ago and they never were. The only thing that was of concern was how to put money in her pocket and more money on Jeffrey Douglas’ pocket and Joanna Cachaperos’s pocket. More money in the pockets of all of the administration of Free Speech Coalition. That is it.

All of these fights have resulted in the adult industry getting nothing except getting black eyes and being beaten and scarred. While all this is going on, everybody is broke, everybody is struggling to stay afloat and Diane Duke has never taken a pay cut, Joanna Cachapero has never taken a pay cut and Jeffrey Douglas has definitely never taken a pay cut.

It’s what you people in the industry don’t get and will never get because the business is run by a Mickey Mouse style gangster club. These people say nothing, they do nothing. All they do is collect a paycheck from the industry.

Jeffrey Douglas has been getting a paycheck from Free Speech Coalition for over a decade. What has he accomplished? Everything that Jeffrey Douglas and Free Speech Coalition have touched has resulted in failure. Max Hardcore gave this guy thousands of dollars in legal fees and he went to prison. Jeffrey Douglas can’t even win an obscenity case. Jeffrey Douglas, Jennifer Kinsley and Lou Sirkin all went down in flames. Max Hardcore went to prison.

Jeffrey Douglas is a loser. He was given an open piggy bank at Free Speech Coalition by Russ Hampshire to steal millions. He gets a paycheck and does nothing. Name one thing that Jeffrey Douglas and Free Speech Coalition have fought for and won. They like to claim credit for fighting 2257, but a woman named Rondee Kamins actually won the case that had the most impact. She had the most to lose because she had a swinger’s magazine. The law stated that she had to have IDs on all these swingers who sent in pictures. She fought the burdensome aspects of the law and won. Diane Duke and Jeffrey Douglas were never part of this. If Rondee Kamins wanted to be honest, she would say, “Fuck Free Speech Coalition. They never did shit for me.”

Rondee Kamins probably spent millions fighting this battle and nobody gave her a fucking dime. Diane Duke and Jeffrey Douglas didn’t do shit. Free Speech Coalition comes along at the end. They’re a bunch of johnny-come-lately assholes. That’s what they do. That’s all they’ve ever done.

Can you think of any other court cases or anything that Free Speech Coalition has done to help the adult industry? Somebody please tell me what Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke and Jeffrey Douglas have done. If Jeffrey Douglas and Diane Duke have made six figure plus salaries for the past ten years that is over a million dollars. Each. What has Diane Duke done for a million dollars? What has Jeffrey Douglas done for a million dollars?

If this business was anything like a democratic business and had union representation and delegates and the people who are involved in the day to day operations had any voice, these people would’ve been thrown out on their asses years ago. If you’re a governor or a senator or anything that is considered a career politician and you don’t perform you get thrown out. Voted out. The days of being a do nothing career politician are over.

In California, we had a recall election for governor. These people at the helm of Free Speech Coalition are a bunch of do nothing idiots who have been in charge for over a decade, some longer. And none of you can tell me one thing that they’ve accomplished for the good of the industry.

They say they’re fighting the condom bills. That they prevented them from going forward. No, they didn’t. You can’t find one politician who will say that they killed a bill because of Free Speech Coalition. Not one. They got killed because of politics and legislative procedures that have absolutely nothing to do with us. That is why these bills are eventually going to pass.

If Free Speech Coalition is so effective, why are there Cal/OSHA inspections? Why are people getting violations? Judges state time and again that porn stars are employees, not independent contractors and as such are subject to workplace safety regulations, i.e. condoms. Diane Duke and Jeffrey Douglas have done absolutely nothing to prevent any of this from happening.

They have known about this for years and have done nothing. The only thing they come up with is trailers to put on videos for fundraising and stickers to put on boxes that say support FSC and coming up with bogus talent organizations where the donation proceeds go to Kimberly Kane’s studio in Hollywood.

Name one thing that they have done to help the industry. Even the haters of our president can come up with one thing that he’s done to help the country. The motherfucker got Bin Laden. No matter how much they hate him because he’s black, they have to give him that. Not to mention Gadaffi, bringing the stock market back up and the economy from the brink of collapse. Oh, and saving the auto industry, can’t forget about that. But there is not one thing that Diane Duke or anyone from Free Speech Coalition have done to improve this industry. Not one fucking thing.

The talent testing system is completely fucked. We’ve had syphilis outbreaks, HIV outbreaks, hepatitis C. Do you realize that they still haven’t addressed the Alex Gonz hepatitis C situation? Alex Gonz exposed hundreds of women in the adult business to hepatitis C over a three year period until Lisa Ann outed him. All with the full knowledge of Cutting Edge Testing, which is affiliated with Free Speech Coalition. Besides the bullshit claim that there has been no onset transmission of HIV, an indisputable FACT is that Mr. Marcus exposed and infected several adult actresses with syphilis. We have notes from Dr Maio of Cutting Edge Testing that proves this. These were all onset transmissions.

Despite all of these facts, Free Speech Coalition fights mandatory condom legislation and claims to be looking out for performers’ interests and for their safety. It puts the industry in an incredibly bad light and does nothing to advance the image of the adult business. It makes porn performers look like disease spreading morons and Free Speech Coalition look like a bunch of retarded clowns. It’s hard to argue that they are not.

These are logical arguments with nothing but facts to back them up. Diane Duke and everybody at Free Speech Coalition give you nothing but insanity and bullshit.

Diane Duke, Jeffrey Douglas and everyone at Free Speech Coalition do absolutely nothing for this business except take your money and give out useless awards. They have accomplished nothing. From 2257 to condom legislation. Rondee Kamins deserves all the credit for fighting 2257. Not only did they lose the condom fight, the legislation is moot because a judge has ruled that performers are employees. Everyone at Free Speech Coalition have known about this for years. Yet, they still continue to take your money, all to do nothing more than line their filthy pockets.

Name one thing that Free Speech Coalition has done to help the adult business.

I’m waiting.

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