It’s All About Greed, Says jessica drake

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Although she never mentions Mr. Marcus by name, we know who jessica drake is talking about when she addresses the syphilis issue on her blog:

Drake writes: “It’s greed. GREED. coupled with deceit, greed is crippling the adult industry. just like the crash of the housing market, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, just like the (many) big banking scandals, it’s happening to us. in big ways and in small ways. it happens when performers undercut one another to be the one that is hired for the scene. [I addressed this issue yesterday:]

it’s about the companies who only care about selling more content to stay afloat. the male performer faked a test and showed up to a booking with a second stage syphilis rash. he was wrong for showing up like that, the girl he worked with was wrong to work with him, the director/camera man was wrong to shoot him, and the company was wrong for editing and using the scene on their website. no, i will NOT post the photo gallery of the scenes, but it IS out there. yes, internet piracy has crippled us, that is indisputable. it’s a self-destructive circle.

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