Jack Spade: I Am Not a Pimp; I Am Not Involved with Trinity St. Clair or the Samantha Saint Situation

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Jack Spade writes: Gene, Even though it’s been made very clear that Dave from TLC tried to cause trouble for me because he had me confused with Ashley Erickson the person how runs www.helpubookher2.com and the fact I have had very little to do with the industry at all since marrying my wife at AVN in 2012 I am still apart of this story.

When I first heard of what happened to Samantha Saint it truly sickened me.
She is a very sweet girl and it makes me sad to think that someone would go to that level to cause problems for her.

It also made me very glad to NOT be involved in this increasingly sad and desperate industry.

Through my years I have developed all the relationships necessary to become a “pimp” but because I enjoy my life as it is, my peaceful sleep at night and have the good fortune of becoming wiser as I get older I have no interest in that type of lifestyle.

Here is the deal, to an extent I don’t care what is written about me but the fact that my wife has been brought into all this will not be tolerated.
She is an amazing young woman who has nothing but pure goodness in her heart and brought a great deal of happiness to my life and the lives of everyone that knows her.

To meet her is to be reminded of the good days when being in this biz was like being apart of a family that enjoyed the sexual freedom and love our industry allowed them to have and there was no hidden agenda.

So let me be very clear:

I do not and never have run an escort agency, I had nothing to do with the Samantha Saint situation and I have had no relationship with Trinity St. Clair since marring my wife at AVN in 2012

To put it simply Gene IT AIN’T SO…. as a first step that’s what Clyde Dewitt told me to tell you and it also happens to be the truth.

Considering the fact that my name should have already been cleared in all of this I am respectfully asking you to leave me and especially my wife out of this drama.

All the best,

Jack Spade

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