James Bartholet Rips His Former Client: His Former Client Monica Foster Rips Back- “Bartholet’s a Pimp”

On Amber Lynn’s show Friday James Bartholet had this to say about Monica Foster: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59410

Foster, www.pornnewstoday.com comments: James is full of it. I was his “client” for a few months at around $300 a month and I got to know EXACTLY what type of person he is which is why I decided to discontinue being his “client”. I will dig of the damn receipts if need be.


Bartholet in my opinion is more of a pimp than anything else. Take a look at this: www.jamesbartholet.com/?page_id=49

As of current over 50% of his “clients” escort and when I initially met him (I was with Type 9 at the time), he immediately tried to get me to move to a different agency so that he could most likely get some sort of a kick back.

Back when I knew James, a girl named Cherry Ferretti was having issues getting away from him. He has an assistant / driver who had a major cocaine issue. I once attended one of James’ “acting classes” of which I was the ONLY ONE THERE.

I find it interesting James can find the balls to talk about me, but won’t comment about the Nanula situation.

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