James Bartholet Takes a Shot at Monica Foster: Any Punk Out There Can Hide Behind Their Keyboards

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Amber Lynn had James Bartholet on her show Friday night.

“He’s an amazing character actor and did an amazing job in The Wizard of Oz,” said Lynn.

Bartholet then took a swipe at Monica Foster. In making her introduction, Lynn said there’s been comments made about her friends that are “unfair- that’s exactly what’s going on.”

“I don’t even know this woman [Foster,” said Bartholet.

“I don’t know why she attacks me and Mark Spiegler, Peter Warren and Diane Duke. We’re just doing our job. We’re not hurting anybody. Were not slave traders. We’re not pimps..Jewish Mafia..”

“That is normal, that’s fair play in love and war when you’re in the porn industry,” Lynn told him.

“The minute that you fight with somebody and you’re a porn star/agent, or anybody in the industry the first weapon they pull out is hooker, pimp, porn star, dirt ball.”

Bartholet said he never saw this kind of behavior in the mainstream industry.

“It’s because of the Internet that’s opened up this whole can of worms, so any punk out there- whether it’s a guy or a girl – can hide behind their keyboards and spew out all kinds of racial hate toward a sexual orientation, hate toward a race, hate toward a color of a skin, hate towards your financial status in life.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous. I wish we could be that movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- they actually went door-to-door to anybody who was writing blogs about them. They go did you write that? Pow.”

Lynn said she’s been attacked with false statements but wouldn’t say who it was making those statements about her.

“They were degrading me and attacking me in the press in a public way and it was false. I called the person on it. The person stopped it at the time so I’m not saying whether or not any of what this person is saying, now. I haven’t read any of this, but I know she has a history of doing this from my experience because what was said about me was completely convoluted, made up.”

“Bartholet added, “All the people who write negative stuff about what we do for a living are people that have a lot of free time on their hands.

“With me it came because I was running for the board of directors of the FSC,” Lynn explained.

“Suddenly I came under fire and attack. All I wanted to do was do something good to help the industry. Everybody’s always bitching about the FSC and Diane Duke and on and on. I was always taught growing up that if you don’t like the way something is done, roll up your damn sleeves and wash the dishes yourself.

“Someone put me on the board of directors of the FSC- Bill Margold- I said okay, then I’ll be of service. Then she went out and attacked me and said things that weren’t true. She actually accused me of something that was actually criminal at the time and I had to come from a legal stand which if I’m pushed into a wall, I will do that. I don’t like to fight with people but in this instance it came to that.”

Lynn said she brought all this up to tell Bartholet he wasn’t alone.

“When you reach the top you have haters and somebody said to me they’re almost like a status symbol – if you don’t have haters then you haven’t yet arrived.”

Going all Sigmund Freud, Bartholet went on about how when he was a kid actor and got ridiculed by kids in school.

“I was making more money than a lot of those kids’ parents were. I don’t want to sound stuck up saying that.”

Bartholet was commended about his role as the Cowardly Lion in the porn parody of The Wizard of Oz.

Bartholet said he had to give it some thought because originally the lion was supposed to have sex with Dorothy but there was thought given that it might appear to be bestiality.

“Then I felt a little funny about the whole role and the wording on some of the stuff, but after awhile I thought I’m just doing an acting role. This isn’t me in real life. This is a character. [If I’m correct, the lion is gay.]

Then, Bartholet brought up Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in the HBO movie Liberace.

“Incredible parts – they’re not two gay gentleman in real life, but they play the part so fantastic that you got pulled into the role so much. I think people see the role that I did as the lion that they got pulled into that so much…then I did my job.”

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