James Bartlolet: “We spend our tax dollars here, we go to the beauticians and the nail salons and the auto body shops”

Bartholet forgot to include Medical Marijuana establishments.

North Hollywood- from www.patch.com – A group of porn actors rallied at strip club Deja Vu Sunday to protest Measure B, an LA County initiative that goes before voters on Tuesday and would require male performers in the local adult film industry to wear condoms during filming.

While supporters of the ballot measure claim approval would prevent the spread of sexually trasnmitted diseases within the local community, including HIV, those in the industry say there’s rigorous practices already in place that curb such fears.

“We’re tested every 15 days,” said Tatyiana Foxx, 21, who began her pornographic career a year ago.

Fox said condoms would ruin the fantasy of many scenes her fans enjoy, while male performer James Bartholet said the city would lose tax dollars if the industry is forced to relocate if the measure is passed.

“We spend our tax dollars here, we go to the beauticians and the nail salons and the auto body shops,” he said, adding: “If you shut this industry down you’re going to have local businesses that are going to have a huge drop in sales. Now is that a smart thing?”

Michael Weinstein, executive director of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a major supporter of Measure B, says he’s looking out for the industry, which is laregly based in the San Fernando Valley.

“Our goal is to protect performers, and I understand if they disagree with us,” he told the Daily News. “But I’ve said all along that people have their own opinions, but not their own facts.”

During the demonstration, Amber Lynn, an on-and-off actress in the adult film industry since the early 1980s, defended industry practices and questioned the enforcement of Measure B if passed.

“I think that if [voters] look at the situation, if they weigh the odds, they’re not going to want to spend already scarce Los Angeles tax payer dollars to form a condom police to chase down these porno sets to to check and see whether people are wearing condoms,” she said.

Measure B goes before voters on Tuesday.

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