James Deen Caught Canoodling with 57 Year-Old Cougar Janice Dickinson

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from www.dailymail.co.uk – They should have stayed inside the famous hotel they were emerging from, where plenty of bedrooms would have come in handy.

But ‘original supermodel’ Janice Dickinson and adult movie star James Deen took their public display of affection into the driveway of Hollywood’s famous Chateau Marmont last night – with sickly results.

The exhibitionists stood in an area where visitors can be picked up in cars, posing directly by the recognisable address sign as they enjoyed a messy kiss for everyone to see.

The 57-year-old clothes horse appeared to be taking the steamy session rather seriously while the 26-year-old adult film star found the stunt more humorous.

Slightly bending down in her pointy toe and moderately heeled shoes, she craned her neck to wrap her pout around his lips.

Donning a black above-the-knee frock she pinned her body against the entertainer – who dressed casually in blue jeans and a brown jacket to match his shoes.

She rubbed her nose against his and he nuzzled his face into her neck, both attention seekers stroking each other’s backs, Deen was caught giggling to himself.

The man who makes money from cavorting in public, walked away from the encounter looking rather flustered yet impressed.

He will be starring alongside Lindsay Lohan in forthcoming film The Canyons.

However his co-star was recently banned from the celebrity favourite hangout which they have enjoyed a night out at together in the past.

The Chateau – which has been her home for much of the past decade – told her she was barred from the premises, and details were leaked of her unpaid bill of more than £29,000, including room-service meals, £500 on her mini-bar in one night and £432 worth of cigarettes over 47 days.

A source said: ‘Lindsay has been pretty much living at the Chateau for years, and during her worst periods, when she was taking a lot of drugs, they always took care of her.

‘For her failure to pay this bill to have been made public shows that even the place she considers her home just can’t take any more of her.


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