James Deen: Getting Drunk With His Landlord Led to the Best Rental Ever

Too bad he’s moving to Las Vegas, Arizona or Florida..

from www.curbed.com Deen writes to them: “I haven’t actually rented very many homes. three is the exact number. only one of them was a good experience. I was searching for a new place to live because the place i was renting had a cracked foundation and was literally sinking into the ground.

“i utilized the website westside rentals and found a really cool looking house. here is the problem, it was being rented out by the owner not a company. my previous cracked foundation sinking house experience was also from an owner. needless to say i was very nervous.”

“i show up to look at the house and it was immaculate. built with love, well maintained, clean, unique, fairly priced. everything a young jewish boy could look for in a rental property. the owner was there. we spoke at length and at some point we started drinking.

“i can’t remember exactly why. i think i commented on the built in wine rack and that inspired him to start pouring various types of booze into me. we became friendly and built a relationship this night. it made both of us much more comfortable engaging into this rental agreement with one another.

“looking back on it, i think the owner was a genius. because of this experience i always had extra respect for the home. i was not shy to call him when there were issues. i WANTED to pay my rent on time. we never had a dispute about anything. due to this original meeting i felt as if i was renting from a friend, and the longer i lived there the greater the friendship grew and eventually it felt like i was renting from family.”

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