James Deen To Appear in Playboy

from www.jamesdeenblog.com- I am going to have a spread in playboy!!!!! i know you may think i meant playgirl. that is the one where dudes get naked and playboy is the one where girls get naked. but no… i am going to have a spread in playboy!!!!! like a multi page multi picture profile 20 question type thing. this is cool for like… a bazillion reasons!!!!!!!

reason one, so the other types of people that have done these profiles are kevin smith, Joseph gordon levit, peter dinklage, ed helms, andy samberg, seth green, zach galifianakis, that dude from breaking bad, a bunch of other famous people. that is pretty awesome to be categorized in the same manner. like pretty super awesome!!!!! reason two, PLAYBOY DUDE!!!!!!

that is like really really cool!!!! now i have, gq, esquire, rolling stone, interview, arena homme + AND playboy. that is a pretty cool resume of famous magazines that i got to have profiles in. reason three, since playboy tv and radio have become super porno lately (owned by different people than playboy magazine), playboy magazine is doing everything they can to re affirm their “mens magazine” status and separate themselves from the cliche adult market. to be a porn dude and included in playboy let alone be given an entire little profile question area part is super amazing and almost double impressive to me. for whatever reason you choose i am stoked and super excited and can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

we actually did the interview over a month ago, this was just the photo shoot day [pictured]

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