James Lee Gets It; Now The Rest of the Industry Needs To

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James Lee is this Jimmy Johnson type and probably bigger than most of the football players Johnson ever coached. Lee on Wednesday made some pretty big points as well at the “No” on Measure B meeting at The Sportsmen’s Lodge.

Most of the industry doesn’t seem to get it, but Lee does. Porn is only legal to shoot in California and New Hampshire, nowhere else. Yet Big Porn thinks it can move lock, stock and barrel, anywhere it chooses, if the condom initiative passes.

“If you don’t go out and reach out to them [the LA county voters] in a meaningful way, you will lose this campaign,” Lee warned.

“They [the AHF] will chase you wherever you go, from Nevada all the way to Florida. Once they win here, they will go everywhere.”

Lee is absolutely correct. Move to Miami, Michael Weinstein will be under a beach umbrella. Move to Vegas, Weinstein will be running the crap tables.

Here’s another consideration that hasn’t even been brought up in connection with what Lee said at the meeting. Wherever porn chooses to shoot, the Federal government can come in and RICO company assets. So for Lee to paint a grim picture of porn being a hunted animal is quite accurate.

More importantly, porn has been twittering within its community in support of Measure B, but as Lee points out, “you have to convince 1.55 million people from all over this county — from Inglewood, La Puente, Hollywood, Compton and Maywood — and all are without any connection to you.”

That’s the crux of the matter right there, and the November 6th ballot will be more of a popularity contest than anything else, not so much about condoms. Do the voters in LA County really like you? “No” on Measure B. You’ll find out soon enough. Just ask Stacie Halas.

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