James Lee: I could Beat Measure B with $750,000

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After the Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians came out against it Monday, the sound you just heard was Proposition B, Michael Weinstein and AHF watching their chances of condom porn going down the toilet.

But before that uprising, Weinstein, like Custer, had his one chance and blew it. Because when you have James Lee, porn’s hired Johnny Ringo, on the ropes making ridiculous comments in a radio debate www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=56099 and you don’t challenge or go after Lee, you only have yourself to blame.

Which makes me wonder just how badly Weinstein wants Ballot Measure B to pass. Or is it all for the show and the publicity?

Lee sounded like one of those uninformed mainstream journalists who always write about porn by making ridiculous unsubstantiated assertions that this is a $100B a year business, bigger than the NFL, Major League Baseball and the NBA put together.

Weinstein was absolutely correct in the debate when he said porn performers have sex with fans and fool around on the side. This is true. Everyone knows this, and Weinstein mentioned, correctly, that porn blogs are always addressing this issue.

Just go on Twitter. Performers are inviting their fans to sex parties all the time. You think condom measures are strictly enforced at these hot tub shindigs?

But Lee, like a Republican’s Republican discussing a 5 Trillion dollar tax break, said: “The fact of the matter is that the interaction porn performers have with the general public generally occurs with an autograph signing…they’re not out there lining people up to go ahead and sleep with the general public.

“These are industry performers that work in the business, that work with other performers, that shoot their scenes, do the work on the set then go home. That’s essentially their job. It’s their career.

“There’s a financial incentive for them to stay clean,” he adds.

“And the fact that we’re talking about this when there are much more serious issues to deal with is ridiculous.”

It’s ridiculous that Weinsten let the matter rest without making this the core issue of his platform.

Later in the debate, Lee followed by saying that it was “offensive” that Weinstein kept trying to tie the porn industry to brothels, prostitution and escort services when “hobbysists” as porn Johns call themselves are known to pay large bounties to have sex without condoms. They’re like hunters on an African safari and a porn chick is the lion’s head they want to take home.

During the “No on Measure B” fund raising campaign at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood, Monday night, Lee was heard to say that he could defeat the measure with $750,000.

Why that precise sum of money and what would Lee have up his sleeve? It makes you wonder. But it also makes you wonder why Weinstein all of a sudden has turned into a milquetoast.

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