Jamie Jungers Denies Knowing Michelle Braun; Braun’s Calling Her a Liar

from www.nypost.com – One of Tiger Woods’ many, many mistresses adamantly denied yesterday she’s a hooker — but a former Hollywood madam who says she was her boss provided documents that show she once worked for her.

“She should just admit what she did. She’d come off a lot better if she said, ‘I f- – -ed Tiger Woods and I got paid,’ ” convicted madam Michelle Braun said after Las Vegas lingerie model Jamie Jungers claimed to have never been a prostitute.

“I would expect anybody to deny it. Obviously, nobody’s going to admit that they’re an escort,” Braun said, debunking Jungers’ interview yesterday on NBC’s “Today.”

In that interview, Jungers said, “I’ve never even heard of [Braun’s name] . . . never in my life. I’ve never been an escort and I never will be an escort. This is all news to me.”

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