Janine Calls In To Howard Stern – May Be Going Back to Jail

from a www.marksfriggin.com post 12/8/2009: …Howard came right back and had Janine Lindemulder on the phone. Howard said the last time they spoke to her she was on her way to prison. Janine had to leave her daughter behind and she left her with her ex-husband, Jesse James. Jesse is now with Sandra Bullock and while Janine was in jail they felt that the daughter was better off with them than Janine.

Janine said that wasn’t quite true. She said that when she had Sunny Jesse had nothing to do with her for 3 years. Janine said that she wanted Jesse to be part of the parenting but they didn’t come around for a few years. Janine said that they all seemed to be on the same page. She said that she doesn’t have a problem with Sandra and Jesse being involved in her daughters life. She said that she went off to jail for tax evasion and she said that it wasn’t a willful thing that she did. She said that she didn’t understand that she didn’t have time to pay it off and that’s why she ended up getting into trouble.

Janine said she was put in a halfway house after she did some time in prison and she met a guy. Janine said that guy spent time in prison for having guns. He was in there for 5 years. She said she met him in the halfway house. Howard said that Janine married that guy.

Janine said that she had to explain why she did that. She said that when she got to the halfway house they have a co-ed setting there and there are guys there who were in prison for 25 years. She said that when guys see her in there after seeing her in magazines and porn movies, it’s a little crazy for them. Janine said it was kind of overwhelming for her at that point. She said that Jeremy came home that day and made a beeline for her and they’ve been together ever since. Janine said that he protected her and guys started leaving her alone.

Howard said it sounds a little crazy being in a halfway house. He asked if the other girls in there looked like her. Janine said that some of them were very good looking. Howard said some of the guys in there might need the address for that place. Janine said that they’re only allowed to talk to other people in the house.

Howard said Janine met this guy and she married him within 25 days. Howard said the guy is a felon and Janine was charged with a misdemeanor. Howard said that because of that, she may end up going back to jail. She’s not supposed to be hanging around with felons.

Howard asked Janine why she would take a risk like that if she’s trying to get her daughter back. Janine said that she wishes she had an intelligent answer but she doesn’t. She said that there’s a lot of confusion going on when this is all happening. Howard said that for her case she should be thinking about this kind of stuff.

Robin asked Janine if she would give her daughter to her if she was hearing this story. Janine said she knows it’s crazy but she’s a good mother. Robin said that’s not what the case is about though. Robin and Howard said that maybe she should have waited to do all of this stuff. Janine said she knows that and she agreed with them but she fell in love with this guy and she can’t help that.

Howard said that Sandra Bullock has had a great year with her movies and stuff so that’s going to make her look even better. Janine said that things are kind of chaotic for her right now. She said that she was awarded Christmas day and eve with her daughter so she’ll be good to go with that. She said that she’s going to be going back in front of the judge in February and they’re going to work things out. She said that they’re working through this rough spot and she knows she jumped the gun on all of this. Janine said that she sees how it created some friction with the new husband.

Robin told Janine she has no idea who this guy is after knowing him for just 25 days. Janine said that they did have a lot of time to talk in the halfway house. Robin said that’s not in the real world though. Howard said it is going to be tough. Janine said that you can’t expect to put men and women together and expect nothing to happen. Howard said she’s going to have to fight Sandra with the custody thing. Janine said that Sandra is actually staying out of the custody case. She said that it’s all about Jesse.

Janine said that this is the eye of the storm and things will get back to normal eventually. She wants to move closer to Jesse so she can see her daughter.

Howard asked if she got it on with any women in jail. she said she didn’t want to risk it. She said if she were to get caught she might get more jail time. Robin said that she was able to control herself there but not in the halfway house.

Howard said there were rumors that Janine was with a hot red head in there. Janine said that the woman did tell her she wanted to be in a threesome with her. Janine said that she asked to take her into the chapel there at the prison to do the threesome. Janine said that didn’t happen.

Howard said Janine’s ex-husband seems like a really nice guy. Janine said that she knows that side but she’s gotten on his bad side and that’s a much different story. She said that she’s not going to lose custody to him and she thinks that all of this is getting blown out of proportion. She said that the allegations are that she’s prostitute and she’s walking around with needles in her arms. She said that’s just not the case. She said that the allegations are absurd and heresy. She said that Sandra has never even met her.

Howard asked Janine who is hotter, her or Sandra. Janine said she’s not sure about that. Howard asked if the judge is going to ask them to wear bikinis to court. Janine said you never know.

Howard asked what this www.StreamMate.com web site is. Janine said she’s actually on it right now. Howard saw her on the monitor and said that she’s looking very different. Janine said that she’s live and she does shows and flashes some stuff and shows some booty. Howard asked her to show him something. She showed her boobs. Robin said that’s the one thing she didn’t tattoo. Howard said she looks like she’s dressed even when her clothes are off.

Howard asked Janine where she was at. She said she wasn’t in the halfway house because she got kicked out of there. She said she’s actually renting a home in Hollywood. She said that she’ll be there until next week until the judge lets her know what’s going on. She said that she’s trying to earn a little cash to pay her way.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he’s been in halfway houses before and he knows that you’re in there with con men and stuff. He said he thinks that she’s been conned by this guy she’s married. Howard said that it would have been better if she had waited to marry him until after the custody case.

Janine said she knows it sounds crazy but she wishes that they had been there to see it evolve. Janine said that it will reveal itself. The caller went off on Janine about what she did and how she doesn’t have the actions that the judge is going to be looking for. He said she has no chance in hell of getting custody of her kid.

Janine said that she fell in love with the guy in the halfway house and she couldn’t do anything about that. The caller said she could have waited though. Howard said that’s true.

Another caller said that it’s about playing by the rules and she’s just not doing that. Howard said that she has to show that she can take control of her life. Howard said that this is what she’s going to be up against. Janine said she knows that. She said she wasn’t thinking straight when she fell in love. She said that you can feel lonely and lost in the halfway house but she’ll explain all of that to the judge.

Janine told Howard that she isn’t supposed to have any contact with her husband right now. She has to wait for the green light to go see him. She said that she’s not supposed to be doing any interviews either. She said that’s kind of a grey area with her right now.

A caller asked about the custody battle and what’s going on with that. Howard explained to him what was going on with that and how Janine wants custody of her daughter that her ex-husband is trying to get full custody of. Howard took another call from a guy who said that this is boring to the listeners. He said that they’ve had a long enough conversation with her.

Howard wrapped up with Janine a short time later. He said that Janine is a beautiful woman who is streaming live on StreamMate.com. He said she’s involved in this case with her ex-husband and Sandra Bullock. Howard said that maybe things will work out with them. Janine said she thinks that in the long run it will be okay.

Janine got in some more plugs and said she’ll be hanging out at home for a while. She said that she’ll be doing her thing at JanineLive.CamModels.com.

Howard asked Janine what kind of stuff she’ll do on cam. She said that she’ll stick a finger up her ass and things like that. She’ll talk dirty to guys too. Howard said he wanted to see her stick her finger in her ass now. She went right ahead and did that for him so he could see it live on cam. The finger went right in. Janine said it was a little bit dry but it did go right in.

Howard said he would go with Janine if he were the judge. He said she seems like a lot of fun. Howard gave her some advice and told her to wash her hands. Howard said that Janine is a great girl and he wishes her the best. He said he hopes that they work things out because they both seem like good people. He let her go a short time later. Artie asked her to shove her fist in her ass as she was hanging up but it was too late. They had to take a break after that.

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