Jasmine Byrne on KSEX

Porn Valley- Jasmine Byrne was a guest on The Wanker Show Wednesday night, www.ksexradio.com.

Wankus noted that she had exotic features, and Byrne explained that she was Mexican-Indian. American Indian. “You’re bitter twice,” Wankus joked. “We stole your land twice.” Byrne said she was an Aquarius to boot. Byrne said she was working on a website and Wankus wondered if there would ever be a day when he’d get a different answer. “I want a full week of people saying yes I do have a website and here it is.”

Byrne explained that once it’s up and running it would be www.exoticjasminebyrne.com. “At least we got that part.” Byrne volunteered the fact that she likes to be tied up and to tie people up. Wankus said he would not trust a Mexican girl tying him up. “I apologize. It’s not a racial thing. You’ll have fun with me then invite your brothers in and they all laugh at me and shit. Fuck all that shit. I lived with one of you Mexican-Indians for four years. It was painful. It was great sex but everything else was painful.”

Byrne, 25, described herself as being very horny in her personal life. A discussion ensued on the ages of porn stars and co-ho Michelle Lay said she wouldn’t lie about her age, but at the same time wouldn’t tell people. “If they ask me I say it’s none of your business. I don’t want to ever lie. Wankus suggested that at 44, she might want to keep that quiet.

“Fuck you,” Lay said. “I’m 43.” Asked how she got into the business, Byrne said she answered an ad in the paper. “It was a false advertisement,” she said. “It was adult modeling. I’m thinking lingerie, bikinis.” But at the same time Byrne said she was excited about the prospect. “I used to have porn when I’d have sex. Some old gross stuff.” Wankus took that to mean that it was some of Lay’s titles. Byrne actually meant earlier porn and that she would watch them while fucking high school buddies. Wankus observed that it’s not easy to find a cool, younger chick who likes to watch porn.

Byrne always wanted to do anal in her personal life but could never figure out how to do it. Wankus offered the suggestion to just put it in the other hole. “That’s agood advice, thank you,” said Byrne who didn’t know anything about lube early on. Byrne said she tried getting fucked in the ass without it. “It hurt like hell. But once I got into porn- anal lube? That’s great.” Wankus noted that guys who have experience know how to work it in. “They use a lot of spit and natural stuff.” Wankus also noted that once you get going with it, anal builds its own lather.

For her part, Lay say she didn’t know about enemas. “Now I think how did I even do anal.” Lay remembered a time when she took a shower and shit. “I remember my first time doing anal, like this isn’t right.” Lay said that steered her away from anal because she didn’t know about enemas. “And you don’t eat for two days.” It was Byrnes’ observation that Immodium works wonders even though it tends to bloat you. Lay noted that it was important to talk about this kind of stuff when Wankus suggested that it was an average conversation in a coffee shop. Lay said she can have more passionate conversations with her friends in the business than those outside of it. “You can talk about this stuff. It’s important.”

Byrne said she’d get the head of the cock in during her first endeavors but that it hurt because it was so dry. “It sounds like you had prison sex,” Wankus laughed. He asked Byrne if she fell for the casting couch ploy and sucked the guy’s cock. Byrne said she fucked him and said his name was TL Tycoon. “He’s supposed to be an agent.” Byrne described the session as her walking in and Tycoon took Polaroids. “He’s like, wow, I didn’t know you were so sexy when you’re naked.” Byrne said the guy was cute, at least. “He’s a younger Puerto Rican guy. I only did one movie. He changed his number. He changed his address.” Byrne said she sees him posting in chat that he’s the reason why she’s so big. “Oh, God, dude, you vanished off the face of the earth after my first movie.” The suspicion was that he posted on Adultdvdtalk and Wankus said that took balls especially if you fucked people over.

Lay noted that the KSEX chatroom was active with people who said they know the guy that he talks a lot of shit. “He is an asshole,” said Byrne who noted that Tycoon had a real trashy apartment besides. Byrne said she was given a lot of papers to sign figuring this was a big deal. Upon further questioning, Byrne noted that it was a POV scene confirming Wankus’ suspicions. Asked if she was paid, Byrne said no and mentioned that she did a scene for Redlight District got paid $600 and had to fork over $200 to Tycoon. Wankus calculated that as being close to 40%.

“Technically, they’e not even allowed to do that,” said Wankus. “But most of them get away with it.” Lay was saying this was some sad, Jerry Springer stuff. Byrne said her family knows what she’s doing. “At AVN I had some people I used to hang out with in high school in my line- don’t say my name!” In high school, Byrne said she played softball and was a big tomboy. Asked if she would dress slutty like Britney Spears, Byrne said sometimes. “My whole body was so buff from working out.”

Wankus imagined that the first time Byrne told her parents about her career it must have gone down hard. “The mantle at home must have a Jesus on it.” According to Byrne, she took them out to dinner to break the news. “I was all nervous and sweating fucking bricks. I took them home and sat them down.” Byrne said she told them she was nude and with women. Lay said that goes down as even a bigger shock when you mention women. Lay said her mother asked if she was a lesbian.

Byrne said her father already knew in sixth grade that she was bisexual. Byrne thought she was going to get her ass chewed out but that her parents had big smiles on their face. Noting that her father was Mexican, Wankus kidded to say his name was probably Eduardo. Byrne said he was right on the money. Wankus laughed about how the other day in Hollywood Court he called out the name Edgar and four guys turned around. “I was dying.” The smile on her parents’ faces, according to Byrne was the fact that they already knew. Byrne said the video store that her parents go to feature a lot of her boxcover movies. “It’s a Family Video Store.” Byrne noted that she was the youngest of nine children and that some of her brothers and sisters had kids at the age of 16 and 17. For her part, Byrne said she’s never had a kid and never been pregnant even though she’s a nympho.

Byrne mentioned that she had done the Howard Stern Show in the past. “It was great. I got to pop balloons with my ass.” Byrne said she also attempted to sing I’ve Been Working on the Railroad with a sausage in her mouth. “I couldn’t do it. I was gagging.” Confirming that spelling of Byrne’s name, Wankus noted how one time there was a girl named Monica on the show who was intellectually challenged. Asked to spell her name, Wankus said she fucked it up.

Asked about the lesbo experience she was talking about earlier, Byrne changed her story a bit to note that it was the other girl’s father who caught them in the act. Byrne said the father never told. Byrne said the incident happened in sixth grade with her best friend. “I started telling her about the dreams I’ve had about her.” In turn, she told Byrne about a dream she had of eating Byrne out. “This is hot and I’m bisexual.” Asked how she knew she was at that age, Byrne said she was consumed with ideas about women. Byrne said they went down on one another and the story got around school.

The first time she had sex with a guy was at age 12. The guy was 18. Byrne said she was scared to give blowjobs and was told that if she scratched him with her teeth, that he’d hit her. “I’m like I don’t want to suck any cock.” Byrne said she only met the guy a day before and it took place in an alley. Byrne went on to note that she had a boyfriend in high school but Wankus was willing to bit she cheated on him. “I know how it works.” Byrne explained that she’d have a daytime boyfriend and others for night time and the oldest guy she did during that period was 35.

Asked if any of these guys were getting in touch with her now that she’s a porn star, Byrne said she’s been getting weird phone calls. Wankus suspected maybe it was time for her to change her number. Byrne said she’s tried double anal off camera but couldn’t do it. Asked if she likes watching guys get it on, Byrne said she likes to kick the shit out of guys then fuck them in the ass. “I leave them with bruises.” Wankus said there seems to be a trend of girls getting off watching straight guys get it on. “Obviously they’re not very straight. Byrne said she likes turning men out. “That’s how Tyler is,” said Wankus. “But she said she’ll never do that to me. Tyler’s turned out a lot of people. She gets off on that but has no respect for them afterwards.” Wankus said he and Faith had a conversation about how she had given it to some guys in the ass but that it wasn’t going to happen with him.

Wankus noted that the other day he went to play softball. He told Faith he needed some other exercise besides fucking her for three months. “She goes, oh good. You’re going to come home all sweaty. She likes a guy who’s sweaty and all nasty. She likes to lick my ass.”

But Wankus said he generally likes his ass licked after a shower. “I’m nice and clean.” So Wankus was advised to come home all nasty and sweaty, Faith telling him, “I want to lick your clammy balls.”

“So I get home,” Wankus began. “I have five at bats and I was sliding. I was full of dirt and we start getting it on.” Wankus said just for fun, he sat his nasty ass on Tyler’s face. “And I’m jacking my cock and she’s going crazy. Like aaaaaaaaaaaagh.” Faith went on to lick his hands.

“Yeah, baby,” said Wankus. “But I’m doing that because I know she’s into that shit. While she’s licking my ass and I’m jacking off, I fuckin’ say I’m going to come all over your fuckin’ chest. Whatever. We’re done and she goes you know what I was thinking about when you were telling me that whole story about how you were sliding into third? I just pictured you going back to the dugout, jerking off and coming all over some guy’s face. And when you came on me I saw it like hit the guy in the face. I got so turned on and I came.”

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