Jasmine Byrne Revs Up Her Sexy Latina Engine

HOLLYWOOD, CA- Don’t call it a comeback, but sultry porn siren Jasmine Byrne looks the picture of superstar perfection as she relaxes near a sun drenched swimming pool just before shooting a scene for an upcoming Adam & Eve movie. The gorgeous Latina starlet made a big name for herself last year as one of the most sexually charged of all the newcomers on her way to being nominated for best new starlet.

Earning a reputation as a director’s favorite for her blistering sex scenes, Jasmine decided to slow down on her bookings and pursued other interests including music and design. Now with a number of major movies on her upcoming production schedule, Jasmine is looking forward to 2007 with the same type of energy she displayed when she first made her debut.

“You can only keep up that kind of wild pace for so long and although I love having sex more than anything, I didn’t want to do scenes every single day so I relaxed my schedule just a bit and gave myself a little break,” she giggled while sipping a glass of apple juice.

Her love of sex was only part of the success equation for the brunette princess who quickly became famous for her lovemaking skills and intense anal sex scenes. “Oh my god, I was in love with anal sex, well really I love all types of sex,” she exclaimed.

Today, at the perfect age of 21, Jasmine is poised for superstar status as she dives into a number of ambitious projects including the starring role in X-Play/Adam & Eve’s upcoming Jennifer Lopez spoof J-Ho: Jenny On The Cock.

“I always loved Jennifer Lopez, you know J-Lo doing her singing and acting and this movie is such a fun adventure that I jumped at the chance to do it,” she raved. The movie is being directed by Will Rider who also directed Jasmine in a co-starring role for the mega hit Britney Rears 3.

“Jasmine is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever been around. She is super sexy, fun and when she has sex, a dead man would jerk one off,” Rider said before going back behind the camera.

The Egyptian, Mexican and Aztec Indian beauty has a zest for life which shows in her scenes and her sexual performances and by discussing what some call a ‘comeback’, her upcoming year looks even better. Her role in Hustler Video’s desert adventure Aphrodisiac was breathtaking as she delivered a beatifully dirty performance. “I have very high expectations of myself but I really don’t consider myself all that beautiful. I guess we all have beauty in many ways,” she contemplated.

“Jasmine is beautiful. That’s a fact and we really look forward to working with her,” stated Peter Reynolds of Adam & Eve.

As Jasmine gears up for a bountiful 2007, the sexy Latina revs up her engines making producers and directors happy to learn that she’s back in front of the camera right where she belongs. “I guess some people thought I retired which is really crazy because I love having sex too much to quit at my age.”

Those interested in learning more about this dymanic Latina star should visit her bustling My Space page at www.myspace.com/jasminebyrnexxx

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