Jason Quinlan aka XXXJAY emails in on HIV positive homosexual Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial

Dear Gene,

This crazy stalker Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial that was threatening me I see has been spamming up your comments with my name and email jayisagoldengod@gmail.com and I also see you are smart enough to know its him and not me.

This guy is a total moron and has serious mental issues. I think the HIV has turned into AIDS and is eating his brain, I’m serious. I see every time he spams you just edit the comment to kick him and make more post about him. I dont understand why he likes to libel himself. Very dumb if you ask me. He also keeps sending out these emails to people that could care less and most have already blocked him or marked so future emails go to spam.

This stalker is a total fanboi and has never worked for any real porn company in his life. He is a J0hn and nothing more. I cant wait till he comes to confront me face to face and gives me legal grounds to bash his ugly fucking face into the concrete. Eddie come on and hurry up and get out from behind your keyboard already you little pussy. Anyone know where Eddie is hiding?


Jason Quinlan aka XXXJAY




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