Jayden Jaymes Tweets: Bobby Manila Shooting Striptease Footage for His Own Use Claiming it was for Naughty America

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Jayden Jaymes ‏@JaydenJaymes Tweets – Bobby Manila has been shooting striptease footage for his own personal use, claiming it was for Naughty America.

Jayden Jaymes posted a twitter pic stating the following:

Bobby Manila, a director for Naughty America, admitted to me today that the striptease footage that he shoots on the set in NOT for Naughty America, but for his own personal use. As you can imagine, finding out someone is trying to take advantage of me does not sit well with me, as it shouldn’t with anyone. Ladies, please don’t shoot any tease sequences with Bobby. Always know EXACTLY what you’re shooting. No shame in standing up for yourself. It may be porn, but we can still be professional and classy about it.


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