Jenna Jameson: Tera Patrick is Big, Loose and Jiggly

Evan Seinfeld is allowed to add some interesting insights in the Tera Patrick autobiog Sinner Takes All. I say “allowed,” because given the option of editing the book or leaving it as is after her divorce announcement late last year – after the book was completed – Patrick left things pretty much in tact with only a postscript bringing matters up to date.

In the book, Seinfeld contributes this anecdote about the first time he met Jenna Jameson. It doesn’t sound like he was too impressed and he also thought Jay Grdina was a douchebag. If you ever met Grdina, that’s easy to see why.

Seinfeld, who was phone dating Patrick, talks about the night before he was to fly to California to meet Patrick for the first time. He runs into Jameson backstage at Korn’s show at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

“I have to say I wasn’t impressed,” states Seinfeld of Jameson.

“She used to be really cute. But here she was with no makeup on, bad skin, visible hair extensions, and she was wearing stretchy pants that had a hole in the butt.”

Seinfeld said the conversation continued but noticed that Jameson was accompanied by “this weird guy” wearing a Cat in the Hat hat and sporting scraggly dreads and tiny purple sunglasses.

“He looked like a douchebag and followed her around like a puppy,” Seinfeld goes on to say.

“I was totally creeped out by the guy.”

Seinfeld asked Jameson who he was and her reply was, “Oh, that’s just Jay [Grdina]. Don’t mind him.”

Jameson then asked Seinfeld if he dated girls in the business and his reply was that he was flying out to California to meet Patrick for the first time. At the sound of Patrick’s name, Jameson supposedly makes a face as if she’s sick of hearing Patrick’s name.

“Ugh. Tera Patrick,” replies Jameson who tried to change the subject.

“What? Tera is gorgeous,” Seinfeld challenges her.

“She’s kind of big,” Jameson answers.

“She’s kind of big, loose and jiggly.”

“Jenna Jameson’s catty little remark struck a nerve through my fucking heart,” Seinfeld writes.

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