Jennifer McCartney and Skyhorse Publishing Hand Gig to Unfit Mother Jenna Jameson

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Jennifer McCartney [no relation to Paul I take it] is a writer and journalist with a background in the hospitality industry.

McCartney is the author of the novel Afloat and is a regular contributor to Citysearch NYC and the Brooklyn Eagle. She’s worked at restaurants and resorts in Ohio, Michigan, Utah, South Carolina, New York, London, and Glasgow. Raised near Toronto, Canada, McCartney lives in Brooklyn, New York.

McCartney is also the senior editor at Skyhorse in Brooklyn which just announced that it was publishing Jenna Jameson’s fiction writing debut this October with a novel titled Sugar. Harlequin author Hope Tarr actually wrote the novel, I assume, and Jameson is lending her name to it, but that’s how the publishing industry deceives its readers.

The book is billed as “a wild romp about an ex-porn star who escapes to New York City to reinvent herself.”

That sounds more like a novel about Lisa Ann who’s currently living in The Big Apple, but the point is McCartney and Skyhorse are endorsing someone whose life style is hardly worth emulating.

Tito Ortiz just got custody of his kids by Jameson calling her an unfit mother, and Jameson will probably be the object of a civil suit for allegedly attacking her assistant with brass knuckles. The DUI? Farrah Abraham is showing all of us that it’s cool driving under the influence; and Jameson has already showed that she doesn’t honor business commitments.

What’s there not to like? God forbid McCartney and Co. gave a publishing gig to someone who hasn’t been all over the police blotters. But that’s America today where socially aberrant behavior is rewarded.

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