Jerry Blavat- Philly’s Boss with The Hot Sauce as Adult FYI’s All-Condom Concert Weekend Continues

Bill Margold and I just had a chat about how the late Jim Holliday would have truly appreciated this all-condom concert weekend. In talking to Margold, as we compared east coast and west coast popularity of songs, I’m reminded of Philadelphia’s Jerry Blavat, The Geator with the Heator, The Boss with the Hot Sauce, the greatest deejay that ever lived as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks to Blavat bringing great Doo Wop songs over the radio, ugh, ugh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, oh shit became my Morse Code Of Love

Jam Up was basically Blavat’s signature song, but this one was second on his pick list, and you’ll be so happy too when condoms are out of the picture. Produced by Phil Spector, no less, who would be dying for condoms in prison.

And now for a little Jam Up… …remember to change condoms.

With or without condoms, every man has had a “Denise” experience; thanks Jerry, for the play of this…

More to come

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