Jessica Drake and Chanel Preston MIA From Adult Performer Advocacy Committee Meeting

I’m sitting around drinking coffee the other morning and I was wondering what ever happened with APAC? (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee)

So I went to the website to find out some information. When I click on the link it takes me to a website that doesn’t work. It says “403 Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access/on this server” All I’m doing is clicking on the link that’s on their Twitter page @apacsocial. Am I doing something wrong here? If somebody could help me out, I’d appreciate it.

The website doesn’t work, but the Twitter does. So I guess this is the only way I’m gonna find out anything. I go to the Twitter and it appears that they had a meeting on April 6th, which was the first Sunday of April, as per their previous announcements on their now defunct website. OK. So far so good. Now I’m looking at a coupla pictures that were posted of that meeting. I can’t seem to find Chanel Preston at this little party here. No Jessica Drake either. I see Nina Hartley. I guess Kimberly Kane was there, she took one of the pics. Where the fuck are Chanel and Jessica? I thought they were the faces of this organization. Looks like Charity Bangs was there, she tweeted about it.

You know what’s weird? See if you guys can help me out with this. Now, I could give two shits about people being hookers or whatever. It’s what the business is. I’m not trying to pretend it isn’t what it is. Maybe I’m wrong about this and if I am somebody please explain it to me. But how do you put together a performer advocacy group and you’re talking about health and safety and you say condoms are bad because performers get chafed pussies by wearing condoms? We all know the mantra. We all know the bullshit.

The Porn 101 video that they put out talked about other ways to make money in the business, like being an editor and so on, but it never talked about being an escort in a hotel room. Now, whenever we’ve had HIV outbreaks, the leadership of the business and Free Speech Coalition said that the infections came from peoples’ private lives. Not contracted on set. No on set transmission. It’s not what they do on set, it’s what they do off set. Don’t you think it’s a little counter productive to that argument when you have someone like Charity Bangs as part of this organization who is one of the biggest hookers in the adult business?

You can go to right now and rent Charity Bangs for the night. Or an hour. Eros-LA is a straight up hooker site where anyone can call up somebody like Charity Bangs and say, “Hi, I’d like a full service for an hour.” She says, “Where are you staying?” You say, “AirTel Plaza.” And she says, “OK, I’ll be there in half an hour.” We’re not talking select privates with wealthy clientele. Eros-LA is the Dominos of prostitution.

Charity Bangs is one of those hookers. Don’t you think it’s a little weird that a straight up streetwalker-type hooker like that is part of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee? An organization that is supposed to be about promoting health and safety and is taking the Free Speech Coalition position of no disease is transmitted on set and that it’s brought in from the outside and you have an active, publicly available hooker who is part of the group? You got Jessica Drake and then you have Charity Bangs? C’mon, man.

Then you have people in the organization who are extremely juiced in with Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and that’s a huge conflict of interest. It’s just fucking weird, man.

My question is who is the leader of this organization? They have a meeting once a month. What do they talk about? Where their next hooking jobs are? What are the positions of this organization that people are supposed to get behind? What are they doing to help performers? I’d really like to know.

One of these girls looks like Kelly Wells. In one of these pictures, it looks just like Kelly Wells. If it’s Kelly Wells, Kelly Wells runs her own escort ring. She has an organization where she sends girls out on escorting jobs. Is APAC a recruiting office?

Listen, escorting, hookers, all of it is fine. You have to separate this stuff. You have to at least give the illusion of being separate. Especially when you have people like Jessica Drake and Chanel Preston aligned with it and all you see at the meetings are Charity Bangs, Kimberly Kane and Nina Hartley. Plus, I’m not seeing anyone I know from the male side in this fucking group. No Xander, no Tyler Nixon. Where’s Tommy Pistol? Where’s Evan Stone? I know this particular meeting was for “Newbie Orientation.” Where’s somebody to talk to the newbies? Where’s James Deen? How about that? Wasn’t James Deen part of the Porn 101 video? Wasn’t Stoya part of it as well?

It’s not like this is something that they have every day. It’s once a month. They can’t have Stoya show up? Or Jessica Drake or Chanel Preston? You could get a cracked out junkie to show up for something once a month. Once a month and you can’t have James Deen or Stoya or Chanel Preston or Jessica Drake? Instead you have Nina Hartley, the fake fucking nurse? Where are the heavy hitters of the business who were part of the Porn 101 video? Where’s Kelly Shibari? Somewhere eating all the ham?

Once a month. Is that so fucking hard?

I’m looking to see where Jessica Drake is still part of this organization and I’m not seeing anything. Right now, I’m doing what is known as Twitter stalking. I’m Twitter stalking Jessica Drake right now and I’m seeing nothing. Nothing on Jessica’s Twitter feed at all during April talking about Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. She’s in Toronto for some feminist porn convention. Is Jessica Drake still part of this or did she smarten up and quietly bow out?

Looking at Chanel Preston’s Twitter feed now. On April 3rd, she talks about her cell phone not working at her house. Tweeting about a Naughty America scene. Retweeting Christian XXX about getting an anal pounding in her office. Talking about her friend’s band. Talking about letting a photographer take photos of her enema.

Looky here. You know what Chanel tweets on April 6th, the day of the APAC meeting? “Catalina bound!” On April 6th, Chanel Preston is Catalina bound. Not Adult Performer Advocacy Committee meeting bound, but Catalina bound.

So the two respected members who are the faces of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee according to all the press releases, videos and ads, one of them is in Toronto and the other is Catalina bound. That’s hilarious.

When you connect the dots, it would appear that Jessica Drake and Chanel Preston are no longer part of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. It appears as if it is what I suspected it was in the beginning. A way for Kimberly Kane and Nina Hartley to steal your fucking money.

The two faces of APAC are not there anymore. It’s done. It’s over. I’m not even gonna go to James Deen or Stoya’s Twitters because they’re not the faces of APAC. When APAC put out their big press release of their launch, they had a big banner with Jessica Drake on one side and Chanel Preston on the other. Apparently, those two told the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee to go fuck themselves. I’m not lying. I’ve just shown you proof. They have not promoted or tweeted about APAC and were both out of town for the big meeting. Unless Jessica Drake or Chanel Preston say differently, I think it’s safe to assume that they told Kimberly Kane and Nina Hartley to get fucked.

When APAC first started, not only did they have the banner of Jessica and Chanel on the press release, but they actually had quotes from Jessica stating that APAC was not affiliated with any outside organizations. We did an article on it. But Jessica and Chanel have now obviously disavowed and disengaged themselves from the organization.

APAC is nothing more than Kimberly Kane, Nina Hartley and I guess Charity and Kelly Wells scoping out new hooker talent and trying to figure out ways to con people into sending them money. Remember, the original address that was used to send donations was tracked to Kimberly Kane. Nina Hartley was using the same mail drop. So that’s the connection with Nina and Kimberly. Kimberly Kane and Nina Hartley are using APAC to gather donations and they’re gonna whack up the money.

It’s not surprising. It’s not like Kimberly Kane is working anymore, except for dom sessions. Spiegler couldn’t give that pussy away for free. She’s horrible. And Nina Hartley? Please.

Funny about Nina Hartley. Do you know she used to be pro condom? Now she says they’re bad and they chafe your pussy. How does a seemingly educated woman go from being a safe sex advocate to being a bareback outlaw? It’s called pandering to people who give you money. Being so broke and desperate that you have to go where the money is. So it’s no wonder she’s trying to come up with scams to get that cheddar.

We used to make fun of Nina Hartley for being pro condom. Now we poke fun at her for being anti condom. She has no moral compass or intestinal fortitude to pick one side or the other. If you’re gonna switch sides, it has to be a logical switch. You can’t go from being pro condom to anti condom. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like when you sell a product. Once you lower the price, you can’t raise it. If you’re selling something for 75 cents and you then try to sell it for a dollar, more times than not people will tell you to get fucked. Once you take a position one way and overnight you change that position, you will be perceived as a flip flopper and your credibility goes right out the window.

Nina Hartley and Kimberly Kane are in it for one reason only. The money. That’s what you have with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. Nina Hartley is flat ass broke. So is Kimberly Kane. These people don’t work. Charity Bangs isn’t an active performer. She’s not in the latest Wicked opus. Kelly Wells runs an escort agency. She recruits young girls to be hookers. I know girls who have gotten hooker jobs from Kelly Wells.

Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. No Chanel Preston. No Jessica Drake. They are the only ones who gave this organization any legitimacy or credibility. Without them, all you have is people putting together hooker gigs and scamming suckers out of money.

At the very least, shouldn’t a scam have a website that works?

UPDATE 04/14/14 – Front page of website now opens, but when you click on the buttons, including the donate button, they don’t work. Get it together APAC. Kimberly and Nina have rent to pay.

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