Jessica Drake Blogs Controversially But Sidesteps Condom Issue

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Jessica Drake wrote a blog that have many people up in arms on the Twitter world.

Rob Black’s main bone of contention is why Drake can’t just come out and endorse condoms because her company Wicked Pictures shoots movies exclusively with them

“Jessica Drake is finally speaking, but the manner of how it’s done is pretty baffling,” Black observed.

“I think the people in the industry read through everything. And I can have conversations with Jonathan Morgan but Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake are intellectually above me.

“Her twitters and blog are mildly amusing. I say that because you see a woman who’s supposed to be depicted as a strong woman. She’s coming out and condemning people for talking shit about Cameron Bay- which we’ve been doing [i.e., supporting Bay]; she’s condemning people who are destroying the industry’s ‘credibility’.

“What credibility Jessica? We’ve never had credibility for the mere fact your company will not come out and talk about condoms. I guess you think by doing so you will throw the industry under the bus and Steve Orenstein’s funding will be cut off by Manwin.

“I don’t question your outcry about Cameron’s health, and that protecting her is of utmost of importance. But you lose me when you toe the company line. You never state condoms should be used. Before you run around and talk about how courageous Cameron Bay is, check Katie Summers’ blog.

“She [Summers] knows enough to say we need condoms. She agrees with what the entire world knows. Jessica Drake, you stopped short of talking about condoms. It is amazing. You talk about things that are going on in the business.

“At your company they wear condoms and all the other companies do not. No one has every brought up to Jessica Drake their lack of commitment in stepping up and saying we were right, you were wrong and the entire business has to go condom. Why is it they have little balls? Steve Orenstein, tomorrow, can you turn on a microphone and come out for safety?

“And a company that keeps Brad Armstrong around must have money. There are your leaders- Jessica Drake and Steve Orenstein- you guys are now the leaders because Jessica Drake says in order for us to change, it must be on an individual level. Where have you been? Are you that sheltered? Everything you are saying is what this business has been telling everybody they’ve been doing, so you look kind of silly.

“Everything you’re demanding has already been in place. And 14-day testing happens a lot, you might not know that. This business is so lucky that there aren’t 10 people that haven’t been infected with HIV. The agents have been scumbags for years and you still book through them, Jessica most girls in the business have a yes-no list. [All points Drake raises in her blog]

“Jessica, I forgot you’ve been in a bubble,” Black said.

“You’re not leading by example You’re not telling the industry to follow the law and I’m glad we’re part of a dueling union [Free Speech vs. UAWA].

“Thank you very much. Why will you not support mandatory condom use? You are the biggest hypocrite. You know damn well that the very people who pay your bills are the ones that tell your boss to shut his mouth.

“Jessica Drake, you could easily come out and say the entire industry needs the Wicked policy but you will not say that. You were involved in trying to strike down the very bill that was put in place to protect someone like Cameron Bay from contracting HIV.

“When you put a hazmat suit on [a PSA that Drake did to fight Measure B] you in essence mocked a law that the entire industry would have been adhering to and a woman named Cameron Bay would not be sitting in Arizona with a viral load approaching close to a million.

“Jessica Drake, you my dear-I love you. I wish you would join me-for you to break away from that husband of yours and join Rob Black and what you would call the dueling unions. It’s got to kill you that you don’t say ‘wear condoms’. But you’re told to zip it and Steve Orenstein is being told to zip it.

“Jessica I would love to have a conversation with you- privately.”

“Jessica Drake, what you’re doing is killing the performers quickly. In less than a year we’ve seen syphilis and hepatitis and HIV which will kill ya. The union that you are part of [Free Speech] shares that responsibility.

“Peter Acworth sits on the Free Speech Coalition board and they work hand in hand with Evil Angel. They have TS sites that Rod Daily has worked for. He’s a common fixture with

“How are you a leader, Jessica Drake?

“You preach nothing when Katie Summers put herself on the line and is ostracized. You never reached out to a woman who’s been outspoken more than any of you, but was shit on because she went after your hero John Stagliano.

“Nobody seems to have a good excuse why John Stagliano, Christian Mann, Diane Duke are at the controls of our business, and what we get in less than a month are three life changing and deadly diseases.

“This business is being led by a 24 year old girl named Katie Summers- when Jessica Drake beats her drum, Katie Summers is taking a bullet, and she’s the one being ostracized so that all you women out there know you’ll get free testing.

“She’s out there being ostracized so you people can have one central casting division knowing you can work without being threatened by the likes of Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler. Katie Summers is on the firing line and saying the thing performers are supposed to be saying, but we revere John Stagliano and Jessica Drake doesn’t have the balls to say the business needs to go condom.”

Black thanked Drake for admitting that there are dueling unions, i.e., Free Speech vs. UAWA.

“Jessica Drake you are right what we have here are dueling unions and this union [UAWA] is getting ready with a full head of steam and getting down to brass tacks. The duel is about to end, Jess.”


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