Jessica Drake’s Top Piece of Advice: Get Yourself a Press Agent

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Jeff Tyler [pictured with jessica drake] writes on – Adult film star Jessica Drake performs in movies as well as writing and directing adult films. She also hosts seminars and a radio show on SiriusXM radio. Altogether, she says she makes a little less than $200,000 annually.

I interviewed Jessica about a new mandate in Los Angeles County requiring condoms in porn. After we finished the interview, I asked her for a list of the most important expenses a porn star has to consider to succeed in business.

So, here’s her list, in no particular order:

1. P.R., as in public relations. You absolutely need a great P.R. person because you need those incredible press releases.

2. Computer equipment: I could not do my job without my iPhone, my iPad, my computers at home, my MacBookPro. My cameras. Very important.

3. Wardrobe: Red-carpet dresses are not cheap. When I sign [autographs] at a convention, I can only wear it once. After there’s pictures in it, you have to get another dress. I think the dresses I wear on the red carpet range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

4. Medical care: Testing is of the utmost importance. We are tested every 14 or 28 days, depending on personal preference. I happen to be every 14 days. You’re very basic testing is $130 each time you go in.

5. Hair care: I know, it’s just hair. But when you’re on-set, and your hair is getting teased and pushed and pulled and gathered up on top of your head, and then wet under a rain-machine all night long, it’s really important to take really great care of your hair. It’s one of my biggest assets. Every four to six weeks, I spend between $300 and $500 dollars on my hair.

6. Beauty care: I happen to be a member of a spa here in California. And I’m a member because in the long-run, I end up saving money on spa treatments. I probably spend between $200 and $400 or $500 dollars on Burke Williams every month.

7. Trainer: It’s really important that you stay in great physical shape. And over the years, I’ve had trainers for weights, for yoga, for palates. I have a personal gym at home. And I have someone also come to train me at the house for bigger events, bigger movie shoots. Like right now, I’m doing MMA training for a movie that I begin shooting next Saturday. Trainers are very important. And trainers usually are about $125 an hour.

8. Nails: My nails are incredibly important to me, but I don’t do the long, fake acrylic nails. Every so often I try, but it just doesn’t work for me. I have my nails done, fingers and toes, about every two weeks, and I spend between $70 and $90 on my nails.

9: Accountant: I incorporated right when I got into the industry. I’ve had the same accountant the entire time. He’s very good. He’s explained things to me over the years, and of course, he also turned me on to an amazing financial planner. And I own real estate. And I really, really tried to be as disciplined as possible. But sometimes my accountant is like, ‘what’s this for? How much money did you pay this person and for what?’ I’m sure it’s not what some accountants are used to seeing. Oh, on the accountant last year, I probably spent probably $8,000 on my accountant last year.

I had one last question: From the man’s perspective, are there any personal finance things that guys might invest in?

Yeah. Viagra is really expensive.

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