Jimmy Flynt Beats Brother Larry in Court Over Eviction Case

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from www.cincinnati.com – Jimmy Flynt has a valid lease at an Elm Street store, a judge ruled Tuesday, giving Flynt a victory over his brother, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.

The brothers have been battling for several years after Jimmy Flynt’s sons started a porn business to compete with their uncle. Larry Flynt responded by firing his brother and suing his nephews. Larry Flynt also tried to evict his brother from the Downtown sex store at 411 Elm St. in a four-year-old lawsuit.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Martin heard testimony from the sides on the eviction case Monday and ruled Tuesday that Jimmy Flynt has a valid lease and can’t be evicted.

“I love my brother, but he’s one narcissistic human being (who is) … very difficult to deal with,” Jimmy Flynt said Tuesday. “The bottom line is I have a W in the win column. I intend to be there 20 years from now.”

Larry Flynt sued his brother, saying he was infringing on his corporation’s rights by continuing to call the Elm Street retail shop – that sells DVDs, sex toys and undergarments – the Hustler Store. Jimmy Flynt responded by re-naming it the Jimmy Flynt Sexy Gifts store. Jimmy Flynt has a similar store in Florence.

“Larry spent a lot of money flying in from California trying to evict me and it didn’t work,” Jimmy Flynt crowed after his win in court.

He and his brother were required to be at the legal proceedings this week. They were held in the same Hamilton County courthouse where the brothers sat side-by-side as together they battled – in the 1970s and again in the 1990s – against allegations of obscenity involving their products.

“I was a partner with the guy for 40 years,” Jimmy Flynt said Tuesday. “He’s 70. I’m 65. There’s a lot of players in the mix, mostly lawyers, trying to keep me at bay.”

Larry Flynt has countered that his brother was an employee, not an owner, of the porn and magazine corporation he built over decades.

The brothers still have cases pending in federal court concerning Jimmy Flynt’s status and involvement in the corporation.

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