Joan Rucker Mayers about to go to jail?

Housing and funding terrorism is a crime and Joan’s 40 year old daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers that makes mass murder threats and threats to kill children is a terrorist. Alexandra was recently visited at her mother Joan’s house at 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 by the FBI and questioned but no charged and then released even though she had made threats to through acid on mass amounts of people in Las Vegas. The FBI is known for being aware and visiting and being told about mass murders before they commit there crimes but doing nothing about it which in this case they just did again. I have sent some letters in to some higher up friends in the FBI about Alexandra and Joan’s crimes. I am hoping they both end up in jail before they are able to hurt anyone but either way sooner or later they will both be in jail because see if and when Alexandra hurts someone her mother Joan will be held liable because she is funding and supporting her daughter’s terrorism after being told about her crimes.

I have known and posted about criminal terrorist Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers for more than a decade now and feel its time our government to finally take our tax dollars and do there jobs and follow the law. I see has been covering much of these two crimes still now after a decade but I feel I need to cover it also.

Thanks, Gene Ross

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