OK folks, that’s it. We are fed up with Monica Foster’s antics and this shit will never stop until she is dead or in jail OR unless her enablers stop enabling her. We have some associates headed towards Deerfield Beach, Florida right now and they will stalk and harass Joan Mayers until this woman either cuts internet access to her home or throws her menace of a daughter out of the house and stops letting her live RENT FREE while she does NOTHING but waste time all day and harass, stalk and libels people and their families.

So here is how it’s gonna be – our Florida associates will stake out Joan’s home and when she goes store the store – they will follow her. They will approach her and grill her about why she is harboring a terrorist. When she goes to the bank, to church to restaurants and social events our associates will be there. Eventually Joan will tire of this and will have to tell her kid to get the fuck out. Before Foster takes to social media and accuses us of harassing “elderly people,” no force will be used. Our associates will be firm but will keep in mind that Joan is a law abiding citizen and is not the problem and she will be treated with respect but will be told the details of her daughter’s internet drama and the harm that is being done to families just because Foster is jealous and has no one herself. This will likely shock and disgust Joan.

It really is amazing that Foster is accusing porn industry people of harassing her elderly parents when it is Foster herself that is abusing and taking advantage of her own mother. She plays the mentally ill card and the mom just can’t cut the cord and this shit goes on and on – without her mother’s knowledge because how would Joan know the horrors of her kid’s internet activities? Joan is likely not internet savvy. So forget Monica – go after Joan and her common sense will prevail. This is a law abiding 4th grade school teacher. She will want Monica out before long. Good luck to Monica getting internet access at the women’s shelter.


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