Joanne Cachapero Admits the Industry Could Have Come to an Agreement with Cal/OSHA on Health Regulations

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Proof that AdultFYI is the only website giving you the true skinny on what’s going on in the business, Joanne Cachapero of FSC confirmed on Amber Lynn’s Lynn’s show Friday what I’ve been telling you about regarding that Cal/OSHA meeting from three years ago.

After listening to this segment of the show, I was also ready to toast Bill Margold as the only sane voice talking about the issue of AB 332.

Cachapero just has no grasp, and I believe Amber Lynn’s influenced by too many of her buddies in the industry who aren’t looking at this issue with a clear head. Lynn and Margold started butting heads on the show.

Lynn noted that during the Measure B campaign last fall she saw that the general public had an incorrect view of the industry as “pariahs.”

“It’s up to us to get out there and set the good example,” she said.

With that introduction, Lynn brought on Cachapero and Julie Meadows.

Cachapero got on first. Margold, who was an earlier caller in and remained on line, said AB 332 was put on suspension.

“What’s ever left of that bill has been put on suspension,” he said.

“I’m not going to say we’ve won it but at least we’ve prolonged the agony. All we’ve done basically is give it more publicity than it deserves. But for now because there’s no money to make the damn thing work, we should now figure out – and we have the time- to mount another campaign against it that has noting to do with the First Amendment or Freedom of Choice.”

Margold say the trick is to change the industry from within. [ i.e., change the leadership.]

Julie Meadows came on the line and reflected on her recent trip to Sacramento a couple of weeks ago.

Cachapero said that on Wednesday, AB 332 went up in front of the House Appropriations Committee and was put in the suspense file.

“It was projected to cost over a certain amount in order to fund the bill. When that happens the appropriations committee automatically suspends it for a couple of weeks to give it some more consideration.”

Cachapero said representatives from the industry were there on Wednesday prepared to speak. “But that didn’t happen because the bill got suspended.”

Meadows spoke before the Labor Committee the week before.

“I was very interesting but we only got three minutes to speak and cover a lot. But we did pretty good I think. We were in the waiting room and there was a section in the corner of this large area where college students were gathered and someone from UCLA was talking to them, counseling them and comparing people in the adult industry to animals in mainstream movies.”

Lynn was horrified to hear this, but Meadows continues to twist exactly what’s been said on the subject.

“I’m shocked. They were comparing people in the adult entertainment industry to animals in movies?” said Lynn. “That’s shocking.”

Meadows said Michael Weinstein has been making that statement several times in the media.

“They stated that at both of the hearings I’ve been to. I went to first hearing in April and the second one a few weeks ago. They constantly repeat this statement that performers don’t have a choice, and it paints us the way anti-porn propagandists paint us. Like we’re are crazed and too stupid to know what’s good for us. It’s very insulting. Very infuriating.”

Cachapero said it is, especially when not one of those groups have reached out to find out from a current performer what their side of the story is.

“The people who are most affected by this, the performers, have had very little voice in the issue.”

Cachapero said one of the remedies has been the creation of the Adult Performers Coalition For Choice.

Lynn couldn’t believe that Meadows after making the trip to Sacramento was only given three minutes to speak.

“That’s the way of the real world,” Margold pointed out. “You have to understand that.”

Lynn said it’s important, as was illustrated with Mike Kulich speaking to a Jewish Community in San Diego, for industry people to get out there and put a positive face on the business.

“I agree with you 100%,” said Margold. “But in the beginning when we were full of ourselves at those Cal/OSHA meetings we sunk our own ship. Now we’re trying to right it with the right people. We had the wrong people down at those ranting and raving meetings in downtown LA. We literally got what we deserved. Now finally we realize we need the right people like Julie fighting our battles for us.”

“I don’t know if I agree with that entirely,” interrupted Cachapero.

“I think there was only one meeting where a lot of people turned out and, unfortunately because of the way the situation had built up at that point, it inflamed the situation. I think they were rightfully wanting to speak out and wanting Cal/OSHA to hear them. Some of that came across as a little bit harsh or maybe because they felt there were so many people that turned out and it kind of surprised them.

“But would like to remind everyone that prior to AHF stepping into the arena and turning this into their sort of cause of the day, we were in negotiations with Cal/OSHA to arrive at appropriate regulation.

“In fact those proposed regulations are still on the table. And if AB 332 gets passed all that work that we did with Cal/OSHA, all of the work that has been done to do self-regulation is likely to be destroyed. That’s why this bill, AB 332 is a particularly bad way of making laws.”

Margold said besides the fact that there was no funding behind the bill Assemblyman Isadore Hall put up, all Hall will do is come back with another bill.

“But if you have better ducks in a row and better people than that loud mouthed trio and you know who I’m talking about, they destroyed you right there that day. They absolutely destroyed you. Three men. You know their names. They should have been taken out and shot. Joanne knows what I’m talking about.”

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