John Forbush will pimp a retard, but not Monica Foster

This is hilarious! Monica Foster defends John Forbush despite all the shit that he’s connected to and being considered one of the biggest pieces of shit in the porn biz. After Foster lost her defense against Marc Randazza for the summary judgment and the court awarded the Randazza’s over $167,000 which puts Foster in an unrecoverable debt, Foster tweeted to John Forbush about being her agent.

John Forbush has gone over two months and hasn’t responded to Foster’s plea in helping her get porn work to pay off her debt. Damn Foster, John Forbush can find work for a girl with Down syndrome, but he can’t find anything for you. Maybe you should lose weight, get your breast enhanced, and learn how to suck a dick.

Even if Fostard were to get porn work, she wouldn’t make anything over $200/scene and she wouldn’t get many bookings.

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  1. Hey Donny, I just have to clear the air. You believe for a fact I’ve give a shit about porn? I don’t it was a job that didn’t pay that well and brought on many headaches, people were constantly burning each other, and there’s drugs all over the industry, and with drugs comes crazy black men like Dwight Cunningham your friend you harrass me for, who is on probation with a no contact order, I could easily have him violated and held on a pending investigation for violating a protective order, yet it’s funny all the shit you talk about blacks, and the fact one of them is putting money in your pocket makes no sense, you work for one who clearly does crystal meth with his crazy beliefs, (E.G.) I am stalking his kids, and his madeup folder of bullshit claiming he is a confidential information and he wants me arrested. There’s a reason I don’t take on Foster I no longer have anything to do with Metro. I gave her a good sense of advice, just because someone gets a judgement doesn’t mean there is anyway they can in-fact collect it, and to do porn to pay a judgement they can’t collect, well seems pointless I only work with those that want to work. Now as far a Katelyn Kei having down syndrome, no agent gives a girl a psych eval when they get in the business. The girl was represented by several agents, including world modeling at one point she even did a bj scene prior to me meeting her with the guys from Facial abuse. Probably 100% of woman in porn have some type of Mental disorder or personality disorder, infact hyper sexuality is a symptom of bipolar disorder, and also sexual abuse related disorders, now as far as Katelyn Having a Downs syndrome I never suspected that, and the was the first scene I ever brought her on, I thought she was part deaf and she presented to me a social security card and ID and a Chinese Passport, thus I believed it was probably related to having been hard of hearing, and also with parents and ones self with whom English was a second language, the reason she limped is a man had beaten her up. Now as far as me posting back page ads, that’s false, the ad you presented appears to be a city vibe advertisement, which I did not support posting nor did I have anything to do with, or knowledge thereof probablly most the girls in porn you will find on some type of site selling time and companionship or sex(E.G. The luxury companion which openly sells sex and there are reviews on TER to prove it), the ad I saw clearly seemed like she was selling time and companionship, but I didn’t really care all the girls do this and I had no knowledge she was doing this at that time I assume she went to go see her friends, she may have not even posted that someone may have taken her photos, and used them to post an ad, I’m not even sure that is her in that photo.

    Now Donny let me state this for the record, it would be very easy for me to call homeland security on your black buddy “Dwight Cunningham” he is on probation and granted has no fourth amendment right, and is ultimately screwed if they come, I have way too much insight on his shit, and it would be detrimental to be held on a pending investigation while he is on probation, til they sort everything out and charge him. because he is on probation he has no rights. infact if shit doesn’t start to go away I am going to do just that, I was given a referral by ATF with a contact to do just that, will see if all this shit disappears tomorrow, i’m trying to be nice to the asswipe, but if that’s how he plays he’ll get hit hard from a mile away and be in la county jail for 6 weeks on a probation violation. (the protective order stated he was not to have anyone direct or in direct harrass or stalk me, section 9 says he was to turn in the firearm, which he didn’t do) I could get him violated very easily.

    • Why do you associate with Foster? You stated that 100% of women in porn have mental issues and you are correct about that, but why do you associate with Foster? She’s going to end up in prison with all the stupid shot that she does. True Randazza won’t be able to collect, but she keeps her stupid shit and she’ll end up in prison. Judges used to be attorneys and they look out for their own.

      • I associate with her just like I associate with you, nobody is kicking it having a bbq, now as far as Randazza, unless she’s outside his house stalking him she isn’t going to jail. Now I think the feuds between all you all need to stop and they are dumb, there’s no proof from what I see about Randazza, and harrasment is a civil crime not a criminal one, good luck with that. Monica isn’t going to get caught doing anything… If I really wanted to be a dick I could find her friends that could move domains, and hosting between accounts, so the hosting is never hosted more then 24 hours in the same location so the 24 hour take down 2257 is invalidated, but hey I don’t care regardless, your guys 10 year bullshit war is shit.

  2. You ask me why I associate with Foster, while Donny let’s be Frank, she doesn’t bother me. I don’t really hate anyone, but I’m telling you today is the last day, and I take that Referral Agent Steven Fortney and his Superior gave me. I’m seeing where all this goes. Normal girls don’t do porn nor do they prostitute. Most girls in porn have symptoms of Borderline personality disorder or Bipolar disorder, or Narcissistic Personality disorder as most the male talent also have some personality disorder aswell, such-as yourself Donny, you have the symptoms of of classic narcissistic personality disorder.

    care only about appearances
    critical of others
    disappointing gift-givers
    don’t recognize own feelings
    envious and competitive
    feel entitled
    flirtatious or seductive
    hard to have a good time with
    hate to live alone
    hyper-sensitive to criticism
    lack sense of humor
    strange work habits
    unusual eating habits
    weird sense of time

    Now Donny let’s be honest how many of those traits do you have? Ok let’s move forward your probably going to delete that message, as most narcissist, don’t like criticism nor do they like the world to see them as they are. Your descriptions of yourself let it known you are a narcist, such as calling yourself a “porn god” claiming you “Didn’t fail” Donny this is fine, but you seee I have to deal with people that are slightly off everyday such as yourself, Monica and many others, I honestly thing all the bullshit needs to stop. I think it would be in Dwights best interest if everything stop today, and get cleaned up. FYI I have nothing to do with either, but the bullshit seriously needs to stop it’s in dwightcunningham’s best interest…

    As far as associating with Monica Foster she’s had about as much association as you and I. We aren’t really associated…

  3. You stupid fat Jew wannabe porno something failure fucks! Why do you keep addressing Donny? I would bet he doesn’t have time to come here and post anything let alone about you. You sound very bitter and jealous of “God Long” and all his success and should see a doctor about that.

    You do realize that unlike yourself and many males claiming to be in porn that Donny still to this day over 10 years later shoots and performs in porn for a living with very hot girls and does very well and is very successful at it right?

    As for all your threats and lies they are very amusing.

    John you should really get out of porn as you failed and nobody wants your fat ugly small dick scamming fraud ass around.

  4. Donny I just saw the following narcistic traits pop out in your last post.
    critical of others
    cruel feel entitled
    hard to have a good time with
    hyper-sensative to criticism

    • Lmao, Heather and Britney and around 9,000 viewers ‘have a good time’ with “King Long” during his epic cam shows. Stop by and see how it’s done. #PornGodLong

  5. Why don’t you lose some weight, Fagbush?

    I’d say this to your face and face you one on one in the ring, overseen by officials so I would be exempt from any charges after I caved your fat head in.

    Donny gets laid and paid, no amount of your long winded posts will stop The Donny Long Express!

  6. Hey John

    I seriously doubt that you two will find sponsors to have a match between you two. You can find a boxing gym that you can pay them to rent the ring and have it out. I agree that bullshit for 10 years is ridiculous. The porn biz truly brings out the negativity in people. It’s truly a shitty industry.

    You know what, John, EVERYONE in the open biz is involved in illegal activity. All the performers get involved in prostitution and all the agents/managers get involved in pimping and booking their talent for privates. Yet everyone wants to snitch on others for doing what everyone else is doing.

    Why can’t people in this business just fuck?

    People who were involved in this business before the Millennium say that the industry didn’t have all this negativity in it. But you do have to admit that this business did lower its standards with allowing any woman to become a pornstar. It’s also fucked up how they put women at high risk for fucking men who do cross overs.

  7. This isn’t Donny, ya fucken moron. Donny’s Army is very active on these boards. Donny doesn’t have time to fight you. He must be in your head though.

    Live cam would be great so video of you getting knocked the puck out could be pinned to the top of the page. Set it up, fat boy!

  8. That isn’t Donny but you can see how the cowardly the Thais fight. Never one on one, always takes multiple Thais to attack one guy. Kicking and other cowardly bullshit. Gutless cowardly Thais.

  9. What does Donny have to prove by beating up a fat scumbag? He’s already accomplished more in porn than Queerbush could accomplish in 10 lifetimes. Don’t really see the point of this.

  10. What does Donny have to gain? How will you make it worth his while? What are you offering? Donny would kick your ass. And why invite other people? Can’t you fight one on one without help?

  11. I have lost weight dip shit, I quit smoking cigarettes started going to the gym, stopped managing pornstars, I got rid of everything Donny. It was time to live a regular life, something you’ve only dreamed of doing.

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