John Stagliano : Sexually Irresponsible Creep Who Has Put The Entire Adult Industry At Risk

Yesterday we posted an article about Sheena Shaw. Sheena Shaw was also featured in an article in Vice about girls who could turn their assholes inside out. I find this rather repulsive, it looks kinda like an animal that was run over by a car with its entrails hanging out. I don’t quite understand the eroticism of a woman’s asshole falling out like a meat sock. But I digress.

The article we posted was about Sheena Shaw being pregnant and HIV positive John Stagliano possibly being the father. We’ve been talking about this for a couple of weeks because the actions of Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano affect the entire industry. We haven’t been able to get a direct answer about what is going on. It’s rather interesting that a woman who has no problem talking about her asshole falling out in a national publication would remain mum on such an important issue.

As much as this industry has been attacked by outside forces, the greatest level of damage has been inflicted from inside. The past couple of years has seen AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Isadore Hall mount a campaign that was made possible by our own actions. One of the main culprits has been John Stagliano.

As many of you know, John Stagliano owns a company called Evil Angel. It is one of the biggest companies in the adult business. In 1997, he acquired HIV by having unprotected passive anal sex with a Brazilian transsexual prostitute. It is widely known that Brazil has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, so this was an extremely irresponsible act. The revelation of how he became HIV positive was shocking to many in the adult business, as Stagliano was somewhat of a god, having changed the face of pornography by inventing the gonzo style of shooting. (I say he changed it for the worse because he turned what was erotic filmmaking into something akin to videotaped prostitution.)

John Stagliano became HIV positive by letting a transsexual plow his bleeding asshole with HIV infected jizz. After being diagnosed, Stagliano announced to the press how he got the virus and after a period of time the story died down. Because of the success of Evil Angel and all of the money he had, he was able to afford the best medication to suppress the infection and lower his viral load. Stagliano’s HIV status became a non-issue, kinda like Magic Johnson, who was diagnosed in 1991 and remains healthy to this day. But, as Magic Johnson has stated in interviews, he is on medication that if he stopped taking he would develop full blown AIDS and die. No matter how much you suppress the disease with medication, you always have the disease, you can transmit the disease and there is still no cure.

These are facts. These are the inconvenient truths that the adult industry tries to ignore.

Over the years, John Stagliano and Evil Angel have fed huge parts of the adult industry, from the talent pool to the agents. Despite being HIV positive, Stagliano still has a ravenous sexual appetite. He has engaged in various degrees of sexual interaction with talent and the industry has remained silent because of his financial influence. Agents like Mark Spiegler have kept Stagliano supplied with talent because they take a percentage of their clients earnings, so it behooved them to cooperate. They made sure that talent was kept in the dark about the risks of performing with someone with a potentially fatal illness.

In his series Stretch Class, John Stagliano has taken his bare penis out and rubbed it between the cheeks of a Brazilian model. He has also taken the bare foot of another model and jammed it in his mouth as if it were a big cock. He has taken medical devices like metal speculums and inserted them into a girl’s anus and put his fingers in the gaping orifice without latex gloves. As low risk as some of these activities may be, he is still taking a risk that doesn’t have to be taken.

There is an inherent risk in performing in adult movies. Adult performers attempt to minimize that risk through testing and reliance on their partner’s off screen sexual responsibility. Condoms are not an option, so the minimized risk is something that performers have to accept if they are going to be in the business. But when John Stagliano does what he does, that whole concept is thrown out the window, because he takes risks that don’t have to be taken. Him performing in a scene with talent is something that is not necessary. Shoving a girl’s feet in his mouth is not necessary. When he shoots a scene of a girl masturbating, it is not required that he be the person administering the toys. It is not required that he takes his penis out and rubs it between a girl’s ass cheeks. It is not required that the girl sits on his face. These things are not part of a masturbation scene. These are risks that John Stagliano puts on talent that is not necessary.

If he did not chew on a girl’s foot and have them put their asses in his face, would that masturbation movie have sold one less piece? Would a masturbation movie without any risky interaction from John Stagliano sell just as well? The answer is yes. But Stagliano has decided he is above everybody else. He puts his own selfish needs above the safety of the talent.

If a foot is shoved in a mouth of an HIV positive person and a toenail cuts the inside of the mouth or a tooth scrapes a toe and blood is exchanged, is there a risk of transmission of HIV? However small the chance, is there a chance? You would have to answer yes. That is a risk that John Stagliano never had to take. That is never part of a masturbation scene. Talent is not given an option. Stagliano does this when the camera is rolling. He does not inform them of the risk and give them an option to back out.

His wife has stated in press releases that the interaction that John has with talent is so minimal and the risk is so low that he and the company feel no obligation to inform them of his HIV status. As if he’s a cashier at Home Depot. “I don’t feel it’s necessary to disclose my condition. I’m only pushing buttons and handing out change.” That’s how he thinks. Shoving a metal speculum into a girl’s gaping asshole and jamming his bare fingers in the hole does not warrant informing the girl of his medical condition. Taking a girl’s feet and engulfing them with his mouth to where it looks like his face is gonna explode amounts to a handshake, according to his wife Karen Stagliano.

These are the delusional ideas of a dangerous mind. A man who was so irresponsible as to go into a country with a known high rate of HIV infection and have a transexual prostitute rape his bleeding anus. And this is a man who was having a private intimate relationship with someone in the active adult industry talent pool and has possibly impregnated her.

Sheena Shaw was someone who worked with all of the performers in the business. When Cameron Bay came down with HIV, the number one thing people said was that she got it from her boyfriend Rod Daily who did gay movies. When TJ Cummings got HIV, people said he got it from being a male escort. None of this is proven, this is just what people speculated. Sheena Shaw had a sexual relationship with a man who became HIV positive from having an unsafe sexual encounter in Brazil. Aren’t we talking about the same scenarios?

John Stagliano has been HIV positive and has been conducting covert sexual assaults for years before Rob Black came along and said something. How is that all right with people in this industry? All of the circumstances of Sheena Shaw and Stagliano’s relationship mirror what the industry tells legislators about how HIV infections occur in the business. Risky behavior off set.

How does this industry turn its head? How do people like Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene turn their heads? These are inconvenient truths, but facts are facts. These are facts.

What’s even more troubling is that industry has known about this for some time. Sheena Shaw has gotten into public fights with Stagliano on Twitter. Blogger Mike Strother acknowledged this and said it was a “lovers quarrel.” Nobody batted an eye that a performer who was actively working in the industry without condoms was having a “lovers quarrel” with her HIV positive lover. If that’s acceptable, how is it that the irresponsible people who bring AIDS into the industry are the ones with the gay boyfriends or the ones who fuck crossovers guys like Christian XXX?

John Stagliano has bypassed all of the speculation of whether or not a person who does crossover movies COULD get HIV or a person who dates a Rent A Boy COULD get HIV. Stagliano has bypassed all of the “could gets.” He HAS HIV!

The industry talks about how people need to be responsible offscreen because that is how HIV is brought into the business. We say that the business is safe and we take care of our own, but we turn our head on John Stagliano. It’s like when a priest fucks young boys for years and it is kept silent and the priest is just moved from parish to parish and continues fucking boys. Or when Jerry Sandusky abused kids for years and everybody knew it and it was allowed to go on because Penn State’s football program brought in a lot of money.

Well, at the end of the day it didn’t work out too well for Penn State or for Sandusky and it’s not gonna work out for this industry to remain silent about Sheena Shaw, John Stagliano and all of the talent that he has unnecessarily exposed to HIV.

A little over a month ago, Sheena Shaw was working in the business. She was doing movies for Evil Angel like Sheena School, where she assumed the Stagliano role in Stretch Class. Suddenly and without explanation, she stopped performing and fell off the grid. She did, however, continue to interact on Twitter until yesterday when her Twitter account was mysteriously deleted. This happened after she posted the meme with the man and the baby with the caption about not wearing a condom. We discussed this on the show and speculated about whether John Stagliano was the father. Then, POOF! Sheena Shaw’s Twitter was gone. Coincidence? Or did somebody at Evil Angel get to her and tell her to shut the fuck up?

As we explained in the article yesterday, unless the semen goes through a process of being washed and being implanted in vitro, the chance of an HIV transmission to the baby is about two in a hundred. That means out of every hundred babies born, two of them have the disease. For every thousand born, twenty come up dirty. Those aren’t very good odds. Is anyone gonna tell me that Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano sat in a fertility clinic and went through all of these steps to ensure that their little bundle of joy wasn’t infected with HIV? Since the pregnancy was most likely an accident, there is a high probability that the baby will be born HIV positive.

Of course, she may not be pregnant at all. But I find it incredibly bizarre that she would suddenly be off the grid. She has vanished. Her Twitter is deleted. Sheena Shaw is gone. Did someone from the Evil Angel Camp get to Sheena Shaw? Did someone hit her up and say, “You better shut your mouth if you wanna keep getting paid. If you want support for what you’ve got going on, shut your fucking mouth.”

Just like that, Sheena Shaw has killed her Twitter and is off the radar. Is this just a coincidence? What do all of you Evil Angel supporters have to say about your hero John Stagliano? Whether Sheena Shaw is pregnant or not, whether she has AIDS, hepatitis or two left feet, we can’t find out now because she is off the grid. But everything leads to John Stagliano. It all leads back to the man who is putting the entire industry at risk. The enemy from within.

It all leads back to the industry killing itself. Not from outside forces but from John Stagliano. The name Evil Angel isn’t an accident. The man is evil and dangerous. He needs to be stopped.

I hope somebody is able to reach out to Sheena Shaw and we found out some answers. Until then, we’ll keep flushing out this story and try to find out what is going on.

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