John Stagliano’s HIV is The Gift That He Keeps Giving

The TJ Cummings HIV revelation of the past week has sparked a witch hunt not seen since the last HIV positives with Cameron Bay and Rod Daily.

I’m gonna ask you something. Why is it that everyone’s hero John Stagliano gets a free pass? Since we’re gonna lynch TJ and delve into his personal life, let’s address John Stagliano.

A few months ago, a porn performer by the name of Sheena Shaw was tweeting about John Stagliano, saying that he should keep his dick in his pants. Mike South dismissed it as a “lover’s spat.” John Stagliano was apparently in a relationship with Sheena Shaw.

I found it incredibly disturbing that a performer in the talent pool, someone who gets tested every month, is having a relationship with an HIV positive person. When I brought to everyone’s attention, I was looked at as an asshole. I was fucking with everyone’s legend John Stagliano.

Everyone’s dismisses Stagliano’s actions, but attack the actions of TJ and people like TJ. But John Stagliano is doing everything that we all say is wrong. John Stagliano is a performer who performs with non HIV positive talent and everyone who works with him is being put at risk. How is that different than TJ or anybody else escorting?

Sheena Shaw tweets months ago that John Stagliano, an HIV positive performer needs to keep his dick in his pants and everybody sweeps that under the rug.

How the fuck does everyone condemn TJ Cummings, Cameron Bay, Rod Daily, everyone who has contracted HIV, but never on set, always off set doing risky behavior? But John Stagliano, whose general manager sits on the Free Speech Coalition board and PASS, gets a pass when he does things that risk transmitting HIV.

Sheena Shaw tweeted for John Stagliano to keep his dick in his pants. You say, “Rob, why are you bringing up something that happened months ago?”

If you notice, they are now doing Buttman’s Stretch Class with Sheena Shaw. He doesn’t interact with the talent anymore like he did, sticking his bare hands in the girls, sticking their feet in his mouth, etc. He has Sheena Shaw doing it. But of course everything Stagliano was doing was completely fine and safe before, right? What happened everybody? He doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore. I wonder why?

Now Sheena Shaw is back and they’re in love again and fucking girls in Sheena Shaw’s Stretch Class. But I guess the lover’s spat is on again.

Let me say this again. If we’re going to go after a performer’s personal life, don’t you think this is fair game? Or is Rob Black an asshole?

If we’re going to address the risk of HIV and it getting into the business and risky off screen behavior and Jessa Rhodes saying HIV positive people should be shot, you have to point out the fact that everyone’s hero John Stagliano is putting talent at risk as well.

Sheena Shaw tweeted this recently:

“Ladies, when you shoot with Buttman, bring you own fucking toys. You don’t know where the one’s he’s using on you have been”

“I happen to know where they’ve been. I put them there.”

This girl Sheena Shaw is saying that she puts toys up John Stagliano’s HIV infested asshole. Wow.

I gotta imagine that what’s she’s implying here is that when she puts dildos up Stagliano’s stretched out HIV infested asshole and puts them in you girls, that he’s not washing them off. That’s how a sick fuck gets off. It’s the reverse of “chasing the bug.”

Let me explain. In the gay community, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a gay person, just a sick twisted fuck who deals in risky behavior. It involves people who believe that they are going to get AIDS. They are destined to get AIDS. So they hurry the process up. Those who look to get HIV are called “bug chasers.” They go and actually try to get HIV. I swear to God. And there are those who give the bug. They are called “gift givers.” They actually have parties where they try to give each other HIV.

So these “gift givers” are those who want to infect others with HIV. That’s their goal.

This is John Stagliano’s sick little game he plays with talent. It’s not as blatant as actually fucking the girl, but his thrill is to see how far he can go. He sticks his bare hands in girls, put his face in their naked asses, sticks a girl’s foot in his mouth. Buttman’s Stretch Class is gift giving in action. That gets him off. That gets his dick hard, man.

When Stagliano’s putting a dildo in Chanel Preston or Brooklyn Lee’s ass, he’s getting off on the fact that it’s been shoved up his own HIV riddled asshole. He’s going, “Take that AIDS. Get that HIV. Ohhh yeah…”

That’s a fucking gift giver, man.

I repeat, Sheena Shaw’s tweet. I have it right here.

“Ladies, when you shoot with Buttman, bring your own fucking toys. You don’t know where the ones he’s been using on you have been. I happen to know where they’ve been. I put them there.”

That is a woman who is taking dildos and shoving them up John Stagliano’s AIDS ridden asshole. Just like the transsexual did in Brazil with his bloody penis.

John Stagliano has dildos rammed up his HIV riddled asshole. He then takes those dildos and puts them in all you girls.

This is in the same ballpark as TJ Cummings or Cameron Bay with Marc Wallice playing shortstop. It’s downright criminal.

Sheena Shaw has a relationship with John Stagliano. I can’t imagine anyone else who would be able to have a relationship with a non HIV performer who works in the talent pool. That is fucked up. If it were anyone else besides John Stagliano you would be lynching them. Just like you’ve been lynching TJ and everyone else who has come down with HIV.

People talk about irresponsible off screen behavior. Yet John Stagliano has a relationship with a performer in the business and nobody thinks it’s a big deal. Isn’t that doing risky acts in private and bringing it to the set?

Sheena Shaw takes dildos and shoves them up John Stagliano’s ass and he then shoves them in girls assholes. Nobody knows this except Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano. No different than nobody knows what anyone does in their personal life.

But John Stagliano gets a pass for being responsible, even though there’s clear evidence that he’s not. But nobody has any evidence that anyone else is out there being irresponsible and getting HIV. They just say off set transmission and blame the victims like TJ and Cameron.

Yet John Stagliano is out there knowingly trying to push the envelope and expose others to HIV.

If we wanna talk about being responsible and being safe, don’t you think we gotta start with everyone’s preening idol John Stagliano?

Oh of course we won’t talk about that, because Stagliano feeds half of you. You won’t admit that you’re all hypocrites and double talkers.

And you’re trying to lynch TJ Cummings and Cameron Bay and Rod Daily?

I dunno, we question where all this HIV is coming from, but here we have a guy with HIV putting dildos up his ass and sticking them in girls. Who know what else this sick fuck is up to? You tell me.

You tell me what conspiracy sounds more plausible. That TJ and Cameron and Rod are going are looking for HIV, when there’s no evidence to support that, or John Stagliano getting his bloody HIV rectum plowed and putting the unwashed dildos in talents’ assholes.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at the Stretch Class series and see if you don’t see a man pushing the envelope. Seeing how far he can take it. Doing his best to give unsuspecting talent the gift of HIV.

So you tell me where HIV is coming from. You tell me who is being irresponsible.

And tell me why we are giving John Stagliano a pass.

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