Johnny Sins a fitness pro, Chrissy Wians could learn a thing or two!

“I have been working out for about ten years now pretty straight, longest break i’ve taken was probably a month so I know what works and what doesn’t for me. I’d say it’s 50% working out and 50% diet. I look at it as the better shape i’m in, the better I can do my job, fuck longer and harder without getting tired. i’m pretty much on the go all day so I burn alot of calories doing day to day shit. I do about 20 minutes of yoga/stretching every morning usually before scenes. I hit the gym about every other day, run for twenty minutes alternating between a steady pace and interval sprints every other workout. Then lift one body part a day with abs or calves in between sets, abs with chest and back, calves with legs. In the gym i’m always moving though, I only rest about 30 seconds between sets. I used to lift for size but these days its more for stamina, looks, and health. Add onto that walking my dog twice a day and a little personal sex, thats alot of calories burnt in one day. My diet is mainly organic, natural foods but i’m not afraid to eat burgers or pizza, just no excess sugars. The most important thing is eating all day long, every two to three hours, clean, healthy meals. “

Straight male porn god Sins also posts free, full length fitness videos on Youtube that people can watch for free. Free personal training courtesy of Johnny Sins!

Chrissy Wians is on the other end of the spectrum, doing unnecessary and back breaking triathlons every few months that are hard on his big, lumbering, buffoonish 6’5 frame and that will soon leave him in need of joint replacements, drinking harmful Muscle Milk shakes several times a day and not sleeping enough hours – which will lead to a massive crash sometime in the future. As for Chrissy’s fitness videos, what’s to know? Get on a piece of cardio equipment and stay there for 5 hours while playing on your phone. Fag workout.




  1. Has Wians done any triathlons lately? He runs his fat mouth about his workouts and then you look up his finishing time online and it’s in the bottom half of the field. You would have thought this guy was a pro with endorsements if you read his bullshit Twitter feed.

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