Jon Dough Did NOT Test Positive For HIV Before His Suicide As Mike South Claims

You know, it’s amazing that we live in a time where you can say anything you want on the internet and print whatever you want with no repercussions. You have carte blanche to wreak havoc in peoples lives. Mike South can sit in Georgia and print as many lies as he wants and doesn’t have to answer for them.

For the past two weeks, Mike South has come up with more lies to destroy reputations, destroy memories and ultimately destroy the families of those who have lost their loved ones. He started his reign of terror with the false assertion that popular performer Billy Glide had died of a rattlesnake bite after refusing to seek treatment because he didn’t want his friend who owned the snake to get in trouble. Glide’s death occurred weekend before last and rather then wait until the facts were in, he put up a story that was told to him by Alana Evans that Billy had got bitten and decided to sleep it off rather than seek treatment. A preposterous claim that had everyone scratching their heads and wondering if there was any way anyone could be so stupid.

Turns out Billy Glide died of an accidental overdose involving GHB and alcohol. Billy was known to party occasionally with GHB and this time he made a mistake and paid with his life. He was not on a “downward spiral” as Mike South claimed in his follow up article when it was revealed that the rattlesnake story was bullshit. In fact, Glide had a job booked for the very next day. He was a performer who worked a lot. The downward spiral claim was obviously a way for Mike South to distract attention from his erroneous snakebite story. A story that he has still not removed from his site. Mike South exploited the death of a popular performer and tarnished his memory in his zeal to get a story up first on a Sunday. Fuck the facts, he wanted the scoop.

Facts are something that South has never concerned himself with. Whatever he decides is the story he wants to tell, that’s the story that will be told, truth be damned. Like when South reported that HIV positive TJ Cummings was attempting to infect women with HIV because he was making flirty tweets with them. He also said that TJ was telling girls he was not HIV positive. He presented no evidence of this claim, he simply said it was “shot across the bow” to TJ as a warning. It’s very damaging to someone’s reputation to accuse somebody of this, but Mike South doesn’t care. Why should he? We live in a society where people can carry assault rifles into restaurants and people like Mike South can spew venom and lies with no repercussions.

Libertarians like South like to complain about their freedoms being taken away. They want the freedom to be able to carry guns into restaurants and the freedom to lie about anything without it costing them anything. The freedom to post rambling, libelous, treasonous, hateful speech. That’s all is. A hate site disguised as porn journalism.

His latest atrocity is posting lies about a man who is not able to defend himself. He’s not able to defend himself because he’s been dead for 8 years. That man is troubled porn performer Jon Dough.

Jon Dough committed suicide in 2006. He hanged himself in the closet of his home. His body was discovered by his wife Monique DeMoan, a fellow performer with whom he had a 4 year old daughter. Mike South says that he hung himself because he had tested positive for HIV 3 days earlier. There is no one else who has made this claim. South says it was covered up by Free Speech Coalition, AIM and AVN.

The fact is that Jon Dough had a massive addiction to methamphetamine and that is what contributed to his death. He did not kill himself because he had HIV. The reason I know this is because I was involved with Jon Dough during some of the turbulent times of his life. He was a contract player for Extreme Associates and had to be let go because he was unable to perform because of his speed problem. According to his wife Monique, Jon aka Chet had attempted suicide before. Monique told us stories of Jon being strung out and paranoid that people were looking for him and he would lock himself in a room and do crystal meth and look out the window for hours.

Jon was fired from Extreme because he was getting paid every month and would disappear for weeks and when he was put in scenes he either couldn’t get it up or would cum immediately with a soft dick. When we tried to talk to him about his problem or reprimand him for missing scenes, he would get violently angry, to the point of where he threatened to bash an ashtray over Tom Byron’s head when Byron told him he was being let go from his contract. Sometime later, he committed suicide.

Jon’s inability to control his methamphetamine addiction is what caused him to hang himself. He put himself out of the misery his speed habit caused. For Mike South to say that he had HIV and that’s why he killed himself is disgusting. Mike South is a deplorable human being. People who support this son of a bitch, from Kayden Kross on down should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sure other people will be disgusted as I am and will come forward with their own stories about the truth of Jon’s struggle with meth and his demise. The fact that Mike South would make something up like this just to boost his dwindling readership is beyond reprehensible.

Mike South runs a hate site. He is Elliot Rodger. He is half a sandwich away from a full course nut job picnic. He is one step away from getting an assault rifle and shooting up a school. That is Mike South. A man so jealous of an industry that has shunned him that he would make up lies about a dead man just to amuse himself.

Everyone who supports this monster needs to stop. His reign of terror needs to end. I ask anyone who communicates with him, advertises with him or has any contact with him to stop doing so. Stop feeding the character assassinating beast that is Mike South.

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