Jonni Darkko on Parodies: “You’re awarding people for how good they’re at plagiarizing and copying something”

Evil Angel director Jonni Darkko was a guest on Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show this past week. One of the subjects was awards. Bardoux was curious if he had won any.

“I have a few,” said Darkko. “I have eight awards, whatever. You watch a movie trailer that says Emmy Award-winning something, something…there’s so much crazy shit in the industry.

“There’s awards for the best parody. I think that’s completely insane. You’re awarding people for how good they’re at plagiarizing and copying something. That’s got to be the most insane thing I ever heard.”

“You used to have to write scripts,” added Bardoux. “They used to be original.”

“And then there’s 30 people in a category,” says Darkko.

“Sometimes unfortunately it’s the person that puts the most money in the pocket that wins the award. So it’s not really the most talented,” Bardoux added.

Darkko said he wasn’t partial to the whole situation.

“I haven’t been going to the shows in a long time.”

Bardoux asked Darkko what was the first adult movie he ever watched.

“It was Rocking with Seka. I was a huge Seka fan back in the Eighties back when Paul Thomas was cool. Back when there was VHS and Betamax,” he answered.

“John Leslie and Joey Silvera, I swear to God I met those guys when I was 22 years old at I think it was maybe XRCO…back in the day, in the Eighties. John Leslie was the coolest guy on the planet. And then to get with Evil and have John Leslie go I don’t know if this guy [meaning Darko] fits. And then we talked on the phone and it was a marriage made in heaven. And music wise that guy had such a passion for music as well as I do.”

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