Julia Ann: Kiss Almost Starts a Bar Brawl

Porn Valley- Julia Ann was a guest on KSEX Thursday night on the show hosted by Harry Weiss, Brian and CytheraDuring the course of the show, Harry Weiss did his usual review of a movie based on its boxcover. One of the movies was Slick Chicks and Black Dicks from Defiance/Torrid which prompted comment from Julia Ann that on her website she featured some pix of her and Sean Michaels.

“I had this black guy who was just so ticked off at me,” she said. “He was saying you’re just putting it up there because you’re capitalizing and what you’re doing just adds to the racism. I go what are you talking about? I didn’t put interracial on it. It put it up there right next to Randy Spears. But even a black man today couldn’t see that I made it the same, that I didn’t differentiate.”

Brian, in a joking way, told Julia Ann to stop blowing black guys. According to Julia Ann a lot of people also look at interracial as a fetish.

Brian said there’s a lot of girls in the business who’ll tell you they don’t do interracial. “To make a blanket statement that you don’t do interracial is stupid.” Cytherea ventured to say that a lot of girls are frightened by the size of black cock”I’ve actually had girls say my parents will be okay if I did porn but not if I did a black guy,” said Brian.

Julia Ann said when she did that scene with Sean Michaels, she got a whole bunch of hate e-mails. “It wasn’t that long ago,” she added. Julia Ann said 15 years ago might have been one thing but this was only within the past few years.”I’m talking about when it’s [interracial] all over the place. And still the cable stations will sell white dudes fucking black chicks, but not black guys fucking white girls. I think everything goes, man. As long as it’s consenting adults. I think it’s so silly.”

“Let’s face it,” Weiss interjected. “There’s good looking black people just like good looking white people and ugly white people. If they’re good looking, fuck them.”

Julia Ann also remembered a time she and Michaels were in a bar in Florida. “He gave me a kiss goodbye and it wasn’t even a sexual kiss,” she recalled. “It was a kiss on the lips. But a bunch of white guys in the bar slammed their beers down on the table. I had never been exposed to that.”

Julia Ann said it’s also a shame that the black guys aren’t getting enough of the good acting roles. “Although Sean Michaels was supposed to be in Killer Sex and Suicide Blondes [two of her movies], but he went to Budapest.”

“You know what my problem is in all this?” said Weiss. “Us Jews were slaves a helluva lot longer and we didn’t get the big penises. It’s just not fair.”

Brian also recalled a movie Cytherea did with Sean Michaels and got e-mails asking her when she was going to do a real interracial movie.

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