Julie Meadows’ Damien Michaels Story

From a post Julie Meadows has on www.mikesouth.com – I met Damien Michaels in 1998. I met him shortly after I had started doing scenes in the industry. He was one of five or six self-proclaimed “managers”, at the time, vying to recruit talent away from Jim South and his agency, World Modeling. Damien’s spiel was that Jim handled too many people and could not cater enough to each actor’s individual needs. I tended to agree because Jim had just pushed me to work for Max Hardcore when I emphatically expressed a desire not to, just from information I had heard. After that experience, having a personal manager sounded like a pretty good idea.

Now, sure I was new to L.A., but I wasn’t born the day before moving there. I met Damien at his apartment complex in The Valley and we got into his car and headed towards his “office”. He immediately went into my mainstream movie prospects; how he could introduce me to big-name producers, get me important auditions, make me a star, etc… I listened, but I was immediately turned off. I had done the mainstream acting thing in Texas. I did not move to Los Angeles to make mainstream movies. I moved to Los Angeles to make porn. Simple. He went on for so long about Sharon Stone and how well he knew her that I started to get really nervous and severely regretted having gotten into his car. I smelled a rat and just hoped, at that point, that he wouldn’t do anything really stupid, because I may not be big, and I may not be a very strong woman, but I have a lot of will, stamina and a large pair of phantom testicles. I will either beat you up or I will die trying.

Damien didn’t seem like a bad guy, just a hustler. I don’t like to be hustled and I didn’t really understand it, anyway. I was in it to make porn. Get me work! There’s no reason to lie to me! All I could gather was that a) no one wanted to work with him, b) he just wanted to get laid, or c) both. I didn’t care halfway through the ride. I just wanted to go get back to my car.

He took me to someone’s “office” but it was locked. So now we’re standing outside of a building in an industrial area in Hollywood while he looks for the guy that’s supposed to be there waiting for us. Then I find out the guy’s supposed to be waiting for us so we can do a scene together. The gods were smiling down on me, because this Don Fernando person never answered his phone and never showed up. I said to Damien, “A scene? Are you kidding? I don’t have my test on me.” It was a mess. He was pissed at Don and cursing, and all I could think was, ‘If this Don guy shows up I’ll just vomit, or I’ll shit on myself. I will get out of this.’ Nothing happened. We got back into his car….

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