Julie Meadows Et Al.: Join Adult Performers Coalition for Choice – We Need YOU!

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The following letter went out today.

Dear Performer,

As you know, there is a group of people who want to force condoms and other barrier methods upon the adult industry. They propose to speak for performers, yet they haven’t actually spoken to active performers. In fact, they compare us to animals in mainstream movies and thoroughly degrade us by ignoring our voice and ignoring our choice.

We came out as the majority in favor of performer choice during last year’s Measure B campaign, but now they are pushing a statewide bill called AB332. We have to take this opportunity to prove we are not the victims they paint us to be. We have to band together and make our voices heard.

Inspired by last year’s efforts, and with the help of the Free Speech Coalition, we are organizing the Adult Performers Coalition for Choice (APC4C). We will get together and do a number of things, but for now all that is required is your joining by filling out the form field at the below link and signing on to our performer statement so that we can make sure your voice is heard. We will send updates informing you about what’s going on and how you can contribute. Yours is the most important voice in this cause. Let’s stand together so we can send a message loud and clear. AB332 does NOT speak for me.

To sign up for Adult Performers Coalition for Choice, please visit APC4C.com or follow this link to go to the sign-up form: www.apc4c.com/.

For more information about how you can help defeat mandatory barrier protection legislation, please email AdultPerformersforChoice@gmail.com.


Alana Evans
Amber Lynn
Jessica Drake
Julie Meadows
Kylie Ireland
Nina Hartley
Steven St. Croix
Tanya Tate
Tasha Reign


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