Julie Postle – Here’s the Fact Sheet On the Latest Bimbo; Ex Boyfriend Says Woods Stole Her from Him

from www.nypost.com -ORLANDO, Fla. — He’s collateral damage in the tangled Tiger Woods sex mess.

Former bartender Brian Kimbrough, 28, told The Post that he blames Woods for stealing his vivacious girlfriend, claiming the golfer invited her to his mansion for steamy hookups and incessantly called her on her cellphone.

Woods’ name would come up on his girlfriend’s caller ID as “Mr. Brightside,” said Kimbrough, who mixed drinks at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando in 2004 when then-girlfriend Julie Postle was first pursued by the golf great.

“Mr. Brightside” is a song by the rock band The Killers and features lyrics about a jealous male lover.

Postle’s trysts and phone calls with the golfer continued even after Woods was married later that year, Kimbrough alleged.

Kimbrough said that he ultimately broke up with Postle, who now lives in Texas, but that she recently contacted him to ask for his cellphone records — she was using one of his phones during the alleged Woods affair — so she and her lawyer could prove a hush-hush hookup.

The beau said that while Postle and he were dating, “she promised [the affair] would stop.

“She said she wasn’t pursuing it but [that] she couldn’t stop [Woods] from calling. She’d tell me he’d call, invite her out to dinner, invite her to play golf, invite over to his house,” he said.

“She said she wasn’t going, but now that I look back, I’m sure she was . . . And when she called me for the phone records, she admitted it.”

“One time, her phone rang, and it said a weird name on it — ‘Mr. Brightside,’ ” Kimbrough said. “And I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ She grabbed the phone, smiled and said it was Tiger but didn’t answer it. But she played me the voice mail. It said, ‘Hey, it’s Tiger, just seeing how you’re doing. Give me a call.’ ”

Kimbrough said that when Postle finally ‘fessed up to the affair, she insisted Woods hadn’t married his Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, for love.

“She said Tiger told her that his marriage was for publicity. She said it was for his image, and the tabloids and wasn’t real.”

Still Kimbrough fell for Postle, whom he says he met just before she turned 21 in 2004.

“She was hot,” he said.

“She had a way of attracting people to her.”

He said Postle was a waitress at the Roxy when she met Woods and told a tale of calling him from the golfer’s home soon after.

“She was in his closet at 5 a.m. calling me, and he was in the background telling her to get off the phone. He knew she had a boyfriend and was like, ‘Don’t call him,’ ” Kimbrough said.

Still, Kimbrough said Postle told him, “I’m not too impressed with the house.”

He said that because it was still early in their own relationship, “I wasn’t pissed.”

But that changed as Postle and Woods appeared to grow more serious, he said.

Kimbrough said that when he and Postle broke up in 2005, she confessed to him that, at one point, the golfer had “invited her to Vegas, offered her money and said, ‘If you want to break up with your boyfriend, I can give you some money to get you on your feet.’ ”

Several of Kimbrough’s claims were verified by Nola Coles, the mother of Postle’s former Orlando roommate, Morgan Coles — whose phone records, the mother said, also were sought because Tiger used to call Postle on Coles’ phone, too.

“Tiger was obsessed, really hunted her,” Nola Coles said. “He used to go into Roxy demanding Julie. ‘Where’s Julie? I want to see Julie.’

“She was 20, and I said, ‘You’ve got to get a condo out of this,’ ” the mother said, “and she said, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do that to Tiger.’ ”

Postle did not answer a phone number listed for her in Texas.

Her lawyer, Michael O’Quinn, last night told The Post, “I have no comment.”

From the Houston Chronicle- The New York Post reports Julie Postle of Houston is the latest woman to be linked to Tiger Woods.

The paper quotes Brian Kimbrough, a former Orlando bartender who allegedly used to date Postle. Postle worked as a cocktail waitress at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando when she began seeing Woods in 2004, according to the article. Kimbrough alleges that Postle now lives in Texas. Nola Coles, the mother of one of Postle’s past roommates, says “Tiger was obsessed, really hunted her,” the article said.

The Post’s Facebook search for “Julie Postle” turned up a listing for a “Jewelie Purple,” who claims to be an account manager at Cbeyond in Houston. A search on Facebook shows that the page has been taken down. Cbeyond had no comment when a Chronicle reporter called the communications company to ask about Postle.

from www.mirror.co.uk – The ever-growing list of women linked to Tiger Woods shows no sign of stopping as a twelfth birdie is linked to the golf star.

1. Julie Postle is a 25-year-old nightclub waitress from Orlando – near Tiger’s family home.

2. The blonde beauty was 20 when she met the golf star in 2004.

3. The pair met at the Roxy nightclub in Orlando.

4. Julie worked as a dancer at the club – and is said to have driven Tiger “wild” the first time he saw her.

5. Julie’s alleged affair with Tiger, 33, was exposed by her former boyfriend Brian Kimbrough, 28.

6. He claimed Tiger insisted on referring to himself as Mr Brightside – a reference to the Killers’ song about a jealous lover.

7. Nola Coles, the mum of Julie’s former roommate Morgan Coles, claims Tiger was obsessed with her daughter’s striking pal.

8. Julie now lives in Texas and has hired top lawyer Michael O’Quinn after rumours emerged about a fling with the golfing superstar.

9. Julie reportedly told her ex-boyfriend that Tiger confided in her that his marriage was a sham – all for “his image and the tabloids”.

10. Tiger’s latest alleged mistress has reportedly called ex-boyfriend Brian Kimbrough to ask for his mobile-phone records as she was using one of his phones during the alleged affair.

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