Just a Couple of More Thoughts in the Marc Wallice Case

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Since Mark Kernes seems to have selective memory on the Marc Wallice case, let me break it down simply. Kernes still maintains that Marc Wallice forged his test. Wallice’s test said F 49. I know because I saw it. Wallice showed it to me. Wallice was either the dumbest fuck in the world or the people who accepted his test were.

The story as it was told to me is that Wallice was given back the wrong test in a clinic fuck up, and was so high in those days he wouldn’t have known the left leg of his pants from his right and had no idea he was walking around with someone else’s test. If Wallice was going to forge a test, wouldn’t it have said M 49?

I saw what happened. A lot of people fucked up, and Wallice was intimidated into going along with a story that simply was manufactured to cover at lot of butt. Yes, Wallice was HIV, but I believe he didn’t know it at the time when he was walking around with the F 49 test.

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