Just When You Thought She Went Away: Shelley Lubben Complains About Racy Billboard

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – from www.turnto23.fom- A billboard on Golden State Highway is causing a bit of a controversy.

23ABC News received a phone call from a parent who is upset about what she saw. The billboard is an advertisement for the Deja Vu Love Boutique.

The picture on the billboard shows an unclothed couple embracing. More specifically, it shows a female kissing the neck of her partner.

23ABC News spoke with the manager of the boutique who said, the billboard was approved and they don’t make any excuses for what is shown.

However, family values advocate, Shelley Lubben–who was an ex-porn star and former Deja Vu stripper–said the sign is offensive and needs to come down.

23ABC News contacted Caltrans who oversees the approval of all billboards in the area. A spokesperson was unaware of any controversy regarding the billboard in question.

Caltrans shared the guidelines for billboards with 23ABC News, which are:

No person shall display or cause or permit to be displayed upon any advertising structure or sign, any statements or words of an obscene, indecent or immoral character, or any picture or illustration of any human figure in such detail as to offend public morals or decency, or any other matter or thing of an obscene, indecent or immoral character.

So, barring any “Obscene, indecent or immoral” depiction, we would approve the billboard for advertisement, said Caltrans.

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