Kandace Kayne tweets “I hate this industry”

Kandace Kayne

Tonight Kandace Kayne not only tweeted how much she hates the porn industry but makes idle threats saying she has shit on lots of people. She’ll keep her mouth shut “for now” but who knows what the future holds?



This of course is on the heels of her last week scandal where she went on snap chat making threats of physical violence with at least two others, including going as far as asking her fans to help her some someone’s address.

I’ve heard only 2 things about Kandace Kayne’s actual performance. The first was from a producer who called her a dead fish on camera and said they wouldn’t be booking her against in the future. The next thing I heard was actually because of a tweet Kandace made herself. It seems some director was calling her a diva and didn’t want to work with her again in the future.

Her response? She got pissed off that he had the nerve to photoshop her fat ass.

After saying how much she hakes the industry – “I really hate this industry. So fucking much dude”, she then went on a rant about her former agent Kendra Lust and Society15. She kept making several references to pedophiles and how they wanted her to be a teen performer as it is the most popular genre in porn.

“Really though S15 wanted me to be just like the most teen looking girl on their roster…??? Tf? Talk about knocking a WOMAN’s self esteem..”

“I mean, I’ve probably lost a good 10 pounds being home due to stress so maybe I’ll fit your little “teen” role now..???

“Yo this industry’s been trying to turn me “teen” since the day I walked in. That’s fucking pedophilia. “Omg lets make you the next _____!””

Man how can one chick have so much drama when she hasn’t even been in the industry a year yet?

3 agents, caught snorting coke on camera, fucking gay guys, stiffing 2 different agents for fees, fucking a model house by not paying them $1700, skipping town in the middle of the night and not paying her coke dealer the $500 she owes him. Threatening physical violence against at least two others in the industry, on camera. Oh and fuck I forgot the racist text messages. And now this – a new threat!

I’m not saying no names but…☕️ Keep fucking with me porn industry. Keep it the fuck up….. Like I said before I’ve got LOTS to say.


If you hate the porn industry so much, then go the fuck away.

It really is that easy.




  1. It must not be all that easy, look at Monica Foster. She refuses to work, get a boyfriend, get a life, or even eat right because she’s more concerned about the porn biz and the Luxury Companion 24/7. This has been going on for 8 years! Look at how many likes and retweets Kandace gets & compare it to Foster’s! Lmao!!! Fostard tweets for hours and no one ever acknowledges her.

    • That’s cause her 13k followers aren’t real.

      As for this one, she can leave any time but she never will. It’s like Christianxxx vowing to leave porn before 40 because he didn’t want to become a lifer. Now he’s fully committed to the bis until at least age 65 and has said as much. That’s fucken pathetic. Article forthcoming on that talentless douchebag.

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