Karaoke Night – Party Responsibly Please

(BURBANK, CA) — In the adult business, there really isn’t a specific day of the week to look forward to. I mean, you can look forward to events like the Tampa Show [coming up this weekend actually] or the conventions in Vegas every January, but there really isn’t a specific day of the week that porn stars can say, “wow…thank god it’s” whatever day…that is UNTIL NOW!

Porn Star Karaoke is BACK baby! [Laughs] Can you believe we get so fired up about this?

Tuesday Nights, 9:00pm (PST) at Sardos on Pass Avenue in Burbank is the place to be for adult industry folks, porn stars, fans and lately undercover cops making sure everyone is behaving themselves.

The party grows every week with more and more fun folks coming out to enjoy themselves but conservative Burbank has it’s eyes on the party, hoping that someone will screw up bad enough to put an end to it. Fortunately for us, we always bring in a great crowd of happy folks, just lookin’ to have a good time.

WARNING: Last week a car leaving the Sardos parking lot just after midnight was immediately pulled over and one of the two porn stars inside was cited for D U I.

Please come out and enjoy yourself but if you plan on getting hammered like I do…make sure you have someone that can take you home, someone who hasn’t been drinking. Worse case scenario, a $30 taxi home is a hell of a lot cheaper then close to $10,000 in DUI expenses, not to mention losing driving privileges and the humiliation of sitting in a jail cell.

So…come out and enjoy yourself with the likes of Ginger Lynn, Felicia Fox, Keri Windsor, Lisa Sparxxx, AriaXXX, Kiki Daire’ and many others, but please be safe…your life depends on it!



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