Kardashian Family Claims Julian St. Jox’s Threeway Story is Bullshit

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from www.gossipcop.com – “Kim Caught With a Man — And a Woman!” blares the cover of Star, which claims Kim Kardashian had a “wild sex orgy” with two porn stars — 11 years ago.

How timely.

Anyway, the mag’s so-called “exclusive” comes from an adult film actor named Julian St. Jox, who alleges that he had a ménage à trois with the then-married reality star during a swingers party at the Wyndham Hotel in Los Angeles back in 2001.

According to St. Jox, Kardashian and an unidentified male partner joined him and his date Emily Ann for a “private party” during the hotel bash, where the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star supposedly got “oral sex” from Ann.

St. Jox goes on to claim, “When I saw Kim and Emily Ann having sex, I wanted to join in, so I approached both girls and started touching them and kissing them.”

“Then we swapped, and Emily Ann joined Kim’s date for sex,” he notes, adding, “I gave Kim oral sex, I kissed her all over her body and we had sex in a few different positions.”


So why is St. Jox just coming out with this bombshell now?

How come the porn actor didn’t sell his story back in 2007, when Kardashian first became a reality star?

Because his seedy tale is 100% FABRICATED.

Even though the star of MILF Fever 3, Anal Instinct 2 and King Dong Returns wants us to believe he suddenly recalled a tryst with one of the world’s most famous women more than a decade after it allegedly happened, a Kardashian family insider blasts the sordid rumor.

Gossip Cop is told, “It’s complete bullsh*t.”

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