Karen Stagliano: Katie Summers Lawsuit Has No Merit; Is Karen Stagliano the New Alan Gelbard?

The first rule of lawsuits is that you shut your mouth. Someone should tell Karen Stagliano that. Commenting on the lawsuit Katie Summers filed against John Stagliano, Karen Stagliano says this to www.xbiz.com

“As for the lawsuit, definitely John and the company feel that it simply doesn’t have merit. If she had any distress at finding out that she was touched on her non-genital skin by an HIV-positive person, that’s very, very unfortunate of course.

“But in this day and age, I think that a reasonable person understands that there are people out there that have diseases that are only communicated through bodily fluids.

“So to be making statements that she was put at risk of death or contracting a disease like she has, that becomes a lawsuit that doesn’t have merit.”

Stagliano added, “I think there are some very irresponsible statements that are being made trying to imply that John performed as a sex performer in a scene with this girl, to leave it open to people believing that he actually had sex with her or did something along those lines. When in fact he handed the girl toys and it was a tease scene, and he touched her butt cheeks. But he absolutely never touched her genitals.”

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