Karen Tynan? I Told You So Says Rob Black; You’re a Client? You Need to Find Another Lawyer

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On his show a couple of weeks ago, Rob Black, www.therobblackshow.com went on a rant about “soccer mom” attorney Karen Tynan and the fact that she’s out of her element in the adult industry. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58587

Black took a lot of guff for his remarks, but now it looks like he’s right on the nose. Adding weight to Black’s argument were comments made yesterday by assemblyman Isadore Hall’s press aide Terry Schanz saying that Tynan [although she wasn’t mentioned by name] didn’t know the political process and was putting out misleading remarks about AB 332.

“Why would you hire a soccer mom as an attorney in one of the biggest cases of our lives?” Black asked.

“Lo and behold everbody’s shitting all over Karen Tynan and Free Speech. Karen said AHF didn’t show up [to Sacramento] because they didn’t have the votes. She’s a lawyer repping us in a workman’s comp issue.

“This is a woman who’s supposed to be representing the talent. Anybody who’s this woman’s client, you need to drop this woman and get another attorney.

“She [Tynan] went to the press; this girl either didn’t know because she’s not a good lawyer, or lied. You retards got punked; Hall’s press aide says you need to brush up on what you’re talking about. He’s saying get some educated people in there.

“Why would you hire a soccer mom?”

Addressing the negative remarks he’s received, Black commented, “What was I supposed to do? At least when I banged the drum and the squeaky wheel was the loudest, you can say I was right in saying Karen Tynan’s an incompetent lawyer and a joke.

“You think I didn’t do my research on her? This lady looks like a buffoon. A bunch of buffoons hiring buffoons. Are these people stupid, or are they conspiring to destroy our business?

“Our business is under tyranny. The workers are under tyranny. I told you Karen Tynan was a loser and I just proved it. She didn’t know enough about the bill and bragged like she and Free Speech did something.”

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