Kari Ann Peniche on Howard Stern; Talks About How She Used To Jerk an Old Guy Off Through a Fence

This is as good as any porn star interview you’ll read.

from www.marksfriggin.com – Howard said [former Miss Teen USA] Kari Ann Peniche showed up. He had the guys bring her in a short time later. Howard said he didn’t remember that she was on the show before. She said that Howard tickled her. She said she loved that. Howard asked if she was a Miss Teen back then. She said she was being decrowned at the time. Howard said he was watching the Sex Rehab show and thought she was going to mention the tickling thing when she was talking about being molested.

Howard said that Kari is a very interesting girl. Howard asked her how she became a Miss Teen USA girl. Kari said she was modeling at a modeling agency and heard about the Miss Teen pageants and entered it and eventually won the big Miss Teen USA thing. She said she did the Playboy thing and got booted out of the Miss Teen pageant thing. She lost the crown just 11 days before the end of her reign though.

Howard asked Kari what she was doing as far as drugs. She said she did everything. She said she’s writing a book about it now. Kari said she’s been doing that stuff since she was 12.

Howard said he didn’t know Kari had this whole horrible background. Howard said she came clean and talked about being molested and raped. Howard said it’s no wonder she has sex issues. Kari said that she was raped when she was 5-7 and the guy was in his 50s. Howard asked where her parents were. She said that her parents worked a lot. She said that they had a nanny too and two brothers. She said that she’d go to the back fence and the guy would take advantage of her. Kari said that he’d give her candy and things and he’d touch him and he’d touch her.

Howard said she would jerk him off through the fence and he’d touch her. Kari said once he cut his finger on the fence and the nanny came out and she thought he had just cut his finger not realizing that her panties were down.

Kari said her parents were actually great. She said her mom was great and her father was usually passed out from doing drugs.

Howard asked Kari about the old man sticking his dick through the fence. She said it was like a fence that was wooden and metal. She said that it had steps on it and she would reach over and jerk him off. She said that she’d get porn from the guy and she’d have to hide it in her stuffed animals. She said that she’d have to cut holes in her stuffed animals. She said she actually looked forward to that stuff. She said that it went on for a few years back then.

Howard asked her about being raped. Kari said she was raped at 14 and 17. She said she was overseas when she was raped at 17. Kari said they were living in a models apartment with some other girls at the time. When she was raped at 14 she was raped by some college boys. Kari said she got drunk and put herself in a bad situation. Howard asked how many guys it was. She said it was just one. Kari said at 14 she was getting into trouble and she didn’t report him. She said she didn’t tell anyone until she was 19. Howard asked if she ever went after the guy. She said she never saw him again. She said he did drop her off at her house but she didn’t see him after that. She said that it really doesn’t matter at this point.

Howard asked Kari about getting raped at 17 too. She said that she doesn’t drink at all anymore because that’s what led to her getting raped both times. Kari said that she thinks she was drugged because she doesn’t remember what happened. She said she woke up behind a dumpster after that all went down. She said she was a virgin by choice until she was 18 other than those rapes.

Howard asked Kari about this sex video tape with Rebecca Gayhart and Eric Dane that she ended up in. Kari is friends with them and they ended up taping something at her house. Howard said that he didn’t know she was so much fun. Artie said those two did. Howard asked if they had sex. Kari said there was no sex. Howard said according to what he was reading Kari lived with a girl who got into her private stuff. Kari said she shot this Celebrity Rehab show with Mindy McCreedy and she stayed at her house for 3 weeks and it was kind of fun at first. She said when she got the offer for Sober House Mindy didn’t and she got really upset about that. Kari said she left for Sober House and she asked Mindy to leave too. Kari said that Mindy said she wasn’t going anywhere so she had to call the cops but when the cops called her she wasn’t allowed dot answer the phone. Kari said that Mindy stole her external hard drives and they had the video on it.

Kari said that Mindy was trying to extort her and she has the text messages to prove it. Howard said there’s a clip of her checking Eric Dane’s credit card on the phone. Kari said it wasn’t what it looked like and they edited the tapes to make it look like she was a prostitute. She said that she’s just friends with Rebecca and Eric.

Howard asked Kari how she knows Rebecca and Eric. She said they met at a party and became friends. That night of the tape they had gone to a party and they went back to her place to finish partying. Howard asked what she was wearing at the party that night. she said she never wears panties so she walks around in short skirts and stuff.

Kari said they had some other people at her apartment that night so it wasn’t just the three of them. She said that the other people left. She said that they were playing dress up after the other people left. Kari said that she has a lot of outfits so she and Rebecca were playing dress up. Howard said this guy Eric Dane was sitting around watching and he ends up naked at some point. Howard asked how that happens. She said that they were just trying different outfits on. She said that he was laying on the bed watching. Howard said that he’d know every detail of this story if it was him.

Kari said they decided to take a bubble bath and it was all just very innocent stuff. She said Rebecca is a beautiful girl and she knows that. She said it really was just an innocent thing though.

Howard asked Kari about getting the bath ready and walking around naked. She said that it was no big deal. Howard said she doesn’t care because her body is so good. Howard asked if Eric is jerking off on the bed by that point. She said that he wasn’t saying anything and she didn’t think that he had a boner or anything. She really didn’t care. She was more interested in her bath than anything else. Howard said he is holding her naked at some point. Gary said they’re both naked in the video. Howard said there must have been something going on there but Kari said that there really wasn’t.

Kari said she ended up in bed just to lay down because they were all fucked up. She said there was no sex. She asked Howard if he’s ever done anything like that. He said he hadn’t but Robin and Artie reminded him that he had done it with John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn. Howard said that was just innocent stuff too.

Gary came in and said that something had to have happened with her and those two. Kari said that she swears nothing ever happened. She swore on her mother’s life. Gary said he still didn’t believe it.

Howard asked about this Mindy chick saying that Kari was the one who stole her hard drive. She also says that she stole money from her and maybe music from her. Kari said that she and Mindy would do drugs in her apartment and she relapsed because of Mindy after they did the rehab show. Kari said that she was a guest in her home and she wouldn’t steal from her.

Howard asked if Kari still hangs out with Rebecca and Eric. She said that they won’t do that again. She said that they’re still friends though. Kari said Eric was the one who told her about it before the tapes came out. Howard told her she’s got a kick ass body and she’s got nothing to be ashamed of.

Howard asked Kari about how much sex she’s having. She said she’s having less now than she was. She said she’s had sex since Sex Rehab. She said there are a couple. Kari got kicked off of the show. She said she wasn’t even sure why she got kicked out. Howard wanted to know what happened but she said she wasn’t able to.

Gary said that one of the employees there got into a physical altercation with Kari. Kari said that the nurse wouldn’t leave her alone and she ended up fighting with her. That woman had to be fired. Howard asked Kari what’s wrong with her. She said that there is a lot of shit that happens when you put a bunch of people in a small place like that. She said that she’s kind of shy and she doesn’t like to be in groups like that. She said they think she’s arrogant but she’s really just shy.

Howard asked if she’s off the drugs. Kari said she is off of them now. She said she hasn’t done coke in about 3 years. Howard said she has to pull her shit together. He said she’s hot and she need to keep it together.

Kari said she has some masturbation issues too. She said she loves to buy vibrators. Kari said she loves to do that all the time. Kari said her favorite one broke last year. That was her ”Mr. Purple” that broke. Gary told her about the Sybian and how she has to try that. Howard told her to just sit on it and give it a try. She didn’t want to do it. Howard told her she has to try it but she said her mother would kill her.

Gary and the guys all came in and set it up for her. Howard told her she has to try it but she wasn’t into it. Howard said ”Screw Dr. Drew…” and told her to just do it. Kari said that she’s not sure what Dr. Drew is because he doesn’t seem to be a real doctor to her. She said he didn’t call her for a long time until the show was coming out and he was doing press.

Howard told Kari that Carmen Electra sat on the Sybian. He also said that Oprah did too. That didn’t help. Kari said there was no way she was going to sit on that thing.

Howard asked Kari how many times a day she jerks off. She said it’s maybe once or twice a day. Artie said it sounds more like she’s a hoarder since she collects vibrators. She said that she kind of is.

Kari told Howard she likes to be tied up too. Howard said he loves that. He asked her what she does when she gets tied up. She gave him some details on that and Howard imagined her being flat on her back being tied up. She said that’s a boring way to do it. She has one thing that lets you get tied up with your arms and legs behind your back. She said she likes that. Howard said that sounds kind of scary to him. Kari said she likes that as long as the guy is rough with her. She said she likes to be called names with her hair being pulled. Howard called her a whore, slut, pig and a cunt. She said she likes all of that except for the C-word. Howard asked if he would slap her in the breasts or pinch her breasts. She said Howard sounds like a lousy lay. She said she doesn’t like anything done to her nipples. Howard asked what she likes then. Howard asked if he can bang her. She said sure to that. She said she would like it if he went down on her too. Howard said he could choke her but he’d be afraid of killing her.

Howard said he would probably wear an astronaut’s helmet. Howard demonstrated what that would look like. Howard put on his helmet and showed how he could still go down on her with that helmet on. Howard said he’d tie her up and rip all of her clothes off. He said he would leave the room for like 5 minutes and then come back in. She said that wouldn’t be nice. Howard said he’d come back in and put foods on her ”vagine” and lick them off.

Kari asked Howard what his best sexual experience was. Howard said it was with his wife. He said he knows that’s the answer he has to give. Howard said there are some girls out there that he has to cum with as soon as he enters. He said that it might be horrible for them but it’s amazing for him. Howard said it’s humiliating and embarrassing but it’s just amazing. Howard said he’s a man and he can’t stop it.

Howard gave Kari a plug for the Celebrity Sex Rehab show. She’s also going to be on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

Howard read that Kari once had Pauly Shore jerking off next to her at some party. She said she was only 19 at the time and she was embarrassed by that. She said she had only had sex with 3 people at that point.

Howard asked Kari what she thinks about Dr. Drew. She said she’s not sure what to think. She said that you go on that show and you’re not sure what you’re getting involved with. She said that she’s hidden a lot of that stuff in her life and she was revealing a lot of it for the first time on TV. She didn’t know what she had gotten into.

Howard asked what Kari is going to be doing in the future. She’s working on a clothing line. Howard said she needs to find a rich guy and hook up with him. She said she can make her own money. She said she would like to find love though. She hasn’t been able to find that yet. She has had some good relationships and some not so good relationships. Howard said maybe she needs a guy like John Stamos. Artie suggested Michael Vick as long as she doesn’t have a dog. She said she does have a dog.

Howard read that she dated Nick Carter. She said he was the worst. She said he was a bad lover. Howard said she needs an ugly guy. Kari said she actually does like ugly guys and she hates muscles. Howard introduced her to Benjy. Benjy said he doesn’t have one muscle. Howard said he has plenty of guys for her there.

Howard read that Kari wants to be like the next Oprah Winfrey. Artie asked her if she wanted his pancakes. Howard asked her what she was ethnically. She said she’s Portuguese. Howard gave her some more plugs for her web sites KillingBeverly.com and ClubKariAnn.com. Howard wondered what she has in this club. She said that it just sends people to her other stuff. She said that she doesn’t charge people to get into that site. Howard checked out some of the stuff on her site and said she does appear to like taking pictures. She said her brother was in some of the pictures.

Howard asked Kari again about sitting on the Sybian. She said she didn’t want to do that. She didn’t want her mom seeing it. Howard said it was like sitting on a motorcycle. She said she’d rather go out and ride a motorcycle.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked her if she was spanked growing up and if she likes it when she’s tied up. She said that she was and she does. She said that she got spanked when she was very little.

Howard said he was turned on by her stories and he had to end this. He asked why the molestation stopped when she was 7. She said they moved so that’s why it stopped. Howard gave her some more plugs and went to break.

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