Katie Summers Interviewed By PeeperzRadio

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Katie Summers, otherwise known as The Anal Volcano, was interviewed by PeeperzRadio recently. Summers also in recent weeks has been nominated for an XBiz award, Best Performer Website of The Year, as well as the fact she started her own production company [Tragic Beauties Films].

Asked if she had a significant other, Summers says she likes to keep those matters to herself and not dispense that kind of information.

“I shouldn’t tell you that; it’s a secret.”

Regarding present and future projects, Summers talked about playing Snow White in the Sinister X Syndicate parody.

“I have my own production line,” she added and said the XBiz nom for www.clubkatiesummers.com is one of the three awards that she really wants.

“It’s [the site] super cute, it’s super fun; there’s hot scenes up there definitely for sure.”

It was mentioned that Summers has done a lot of work for Jules Jordan, Bang Bros., Tom Byron Pictures and Smash Pictures.

“You’re not really doing a lot with these studios any more- you’re really concentrating on your own site, now, right?” she’s asked.

Summers says she’s been concentrating more on her own company than anything.

Summers says, now with being a free agent, she has the option to work with performers she wants to work with and developing her own brand, making it a business entity.

Asked what brought about the changes, Summers said she was convinced that 2012 would be her year, that she stuck to a game plan and that she’s become more business minded.

“Each month something new is happening with me. I want 2012 to be my peak year so 2013 can be the Katie Summers year.”

It was noted that Summers career has “absolutely exploded.”

“2013 is going to be even better,” Summers predicted.

“I hope and dream everything goes the way I want and my company is really huge. But who knows what will happen a year from now. I could be traveling the world or producing movies in California.”

Asked if she’d branch out into goods and toys, Summers said she prefers to concentrate on her productions for the moment, that she’s taking baby steps right now.

“If I do too much it becomes overwhelming. I have to do one thing at a time.”

Summers, talking about the prep work she does for anal, says the only thing she has yet to do on camera is a double-anal.

“I want to be sure if I prep for something it’s going to be the most amazing thing ever seen. All my anal scenes are awesome!”

Summers, who doesn’t have an agent, said she’d like to do an anal scene with Manuel Ferrara and that she’s on a mission to make that happen but expressed dismay that she’d probably have to pay an agent an extra $200 for the pleasure.

“Very few ladies have taken a production studio without any agents and become successful- it’s the Internet that’s really all your fans and all your tweeting – what’s the key to success that you have found?” Summers is asked.

Summers says she thrives on social media and getting herself out there.

“Being able to get your name out there, along with conventions and signings,” she states.

“You can’t be afraid to go up to a company and say hi, I’m so and so. I really want to work for you. It’s getting yourself out there.”

Summers said agents shouldn’t be telling their clients what they can and can’t do.

“It’s her body, it’s her choice. If she doesn’t want to work for someone, don’t give her shit about it. Agencies don’t understand that.”

Asked if she was doing the dance circuit, Summers admitted that she hates dancing.

“I’m clumsy and I suck at dancing.”

It was suggested that Summers’ equilibrium was being thrown off by all the pot she was smoking.

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