Katie Summers Launches Her Own Production Studio; “Women need to get together in this business and fight for themselves”

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Katie Summers, formerly of Foxxx Modeling, will be launching her own porn studio. The studio is Tragic Beauty Films, and Summers’ product will be distributed through Sinister X Syndicate and Pure Play Media.

Summers, who had a falling out with her agents over a six man gangbang, is also joining up with Sinister X Divas, a performer management company, for representation.

From here on, all of Summers’ bookings will be handled by Faith Medley, president of the company. [Medley’s number is 818- 653-3105. The email address is [email protected]]

“Why should we girls be out there selling ourselves for crap money and taking all the health risks and not be compensated properly?” Summers asks.

“Now I can shoot my own content; and I’ll have a real distribution channel to make more money for myself from VOD and cable. I’m also be able to control my image and control what I do sexually. You will not see me doing any more gangbangs and milk enemas, and frankly speaking, ugly porn.

“I want to go back to where porn is supposed to be – pretty and the girls were held up on a pedestal. Not where the pedestal is being forced up my ass- a concept that’s unheard of to 99 percent of my fellow sisters in this business.

“And, now, on a very small scale I can be like a Vivid or a Sinister Comixx and actually own my own stuff,” Summers continued.

“I think it’s about time for the women in this business to stop being taken advantage of by agents and web site owners and take control over what they do have control over – which is there bodies.

“Women need to get together in this business and fight for themselves,” she goes on to say.

“It’s our bodies selling those videos, not the guys in this business.”

According to Summers, no one’s taught her better about being a strong women and performer in her new career with Sinister X Divas than Lizzy Borden

“She’s the first women of Extreme and the Godmother of Hardcore for us girls,” Summers states.

Summer’s first movie for her Tragic Beauty label is titled Pure. It’s scheduled to ship in October. It stars Summers and James Deen. From then on, her studio will be putting out a new title every month.

Along with playing Snow White in the upcoming Sinister Comixx release, Summers has also landed one of the top roles in the new top secret Sinister Comixx movie that’s being touted as the biggest budgeted porn in history.

Prospects of Summers and Lizzy Borden playing opposites again like they did in Snow White XXX, has been both challenging to Summers and something which has toughened her mentally.

“I’m ready for taking on this new chapter in my career,” she says. “I’m in a position that girls would kill to be in, and I intend to take full advantage of it.”


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